Gone Rogue!!!!

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  1. So, I got not one, but TWO beauties delivered today!!! I was pleasantly surprised by the black contrasting handles on the olive bag. I prefer the contrast to the uniform color, however the stock pictures show it as uniformly olive.

    Also, to note, as many noted with the Rogue 25, the medium Rogue also does NOT have the lock this time around...

    Both bags are stunning in person!!!! 😍

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  2. More of the Olive! Sorry, posting on my phone so I can only do one at a time....

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  3. One more!

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  4. The olive with the contrasting black accents is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on two beauties!
  5. Gorgeous bags..congrats
  6. Very nice. I thought my eyes were playing tricks, when I first looked at the olive I thought it was black. I really like that color with the black handles.
  7. I'm drooling!! Congrats!
    I love the black handles on the olive. I wonder if dark denim is the same.
  8. I wondered the same about the 1941 Red one coming out. The stock pic was uniformly Red, so I wasn't overly in love... BUT, if it has black handles, I am SO IN TROUBLE!

  9. A red rogue? I haven't seen any photos. Is it a true red?

  10. Is the lining olive or black?
  11. True red!

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  12. It is black... although it looks a bit like Navy, but I am pretty sure it is black. Definitely not Olive.
  13. That olive is beautiful
  14. Is the olive one on the website yet or available for order?
  15. Oh, I didn't especially like the all olive color rogue.....this one with the black....yes!!! Congratulations on 2 beautiful bags!!