Gone over to the BLACK side...and I ain't turning back! :o)

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  1. I've always been partial to the bright fun colors of Bal like Turq, Magenta, Violet, EB, Jaune, Ruby, and etc. And stayed away from black bags (regardless of brand) because I always thought it would never go with my wardrobe:shrugs: And, I always thought black bags were boring *duck* :sweatdrop:

    Well, I just ate my words yesterday when I came across THIS!!!:faint::yahoo: It's my first Black Bbag ever and I'm inlove!!!!!!:heart: There's nothing boring about it and has tons of character! I think I just had to find the right bag. It definitely stands out in my colorful collection and can't wait to use it tonight! Can anybody guess what year it's from?:nuts:


  2. beautiful!!! i guess it's an 07 bag ... 2007 spring !! :nuts:
  3. Wow! Black is deliciously HOT! Congrats on your lovely first!
  4. Gorgeous! Leather looks exactly like my '07 VF, so I say 2007!
  5. Yeah it looks like my Sienna leather too when all broken in!!! I am guessing 07 too.

    CONGRATS on your first Black bag!!!
  6. I'm partial to guessing games. So I say 2007 too!!!
  7. Wow, how pillowy it is! And it's JET BLACK!

    It looks like a 2007's to me too!
  8. It is beautiful! you're so lucky! I want a bag just like that, and one in magenta :smile:
  9. Is it 2007? My '07 is just the same = jett black! :heart:
  10. Oh, it's beautiful!! I'm going through a dilemma of whether to get a black RH Bal. Yours is gorgeous!
  11. I think that is the definition of SCRUMPTIOUS right there! :nuts:
  12. Congrats!! And enjoy her. Modelling Pictures please
  13. Beautiful Jet Black first!!!! :drool:
  14. Congrats, black is the great choice and always classic!!~ The leather is TDF!!!
  15. Thanks everyone!! It's just delish!! Will post more pics later when I get home:heart:

    Yes, it's jet black and very distressed but it's not from 2007:nuts: