Gone In Four Seconds...Identity Thieves Are Targeting Your Car!

  1. Great video! Thanks for posting it!
  2. ^Your very welcome. I'm a victim of Identity Fraud, so I try to help others avoid becoming victims themselves.
  3. yup that's in my neck of the woods here in florida! that's our sherriff..
  4. OMG I ALWAYS leave my bag on my passenger seat!! thanks for the video!!
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I am usually pretty careful about guarding my belonging when I am pumping gas, but it always helps to be reminded.

    I have a serious bag addiction problem. As I was watching the video, I was admiring the bag the lady tucked under the seat.
  6. Thanks for posting this. It's really common sense.
  7. Very interesting, thanks for posting!

    If you really think about it, it is common sense not to leave your valuables in plain sight but I don't think anybody thinks that their purse is going to be stolen while they're pumping gas.

    Out of habit, I always take my purse with me when I pump, since a majority of the pumps here don't have the pay-by-credit card option. You always have to go in and pay, and it's just easiest for me to take my purse with me the first time I get out of the car.

    Same thing with running into a store real quick, I never ever ever leave my handbag in my car. I can't even imagine why people would do that...
  8. My fiance got upset last month because I didn't lock the doors while I was pumping gas. He had run in to buy some snacks and checked the car when he got back.

    He told me that I should lock my purse in my trunk and only carry my license, insurance card & atm or credit card on me while I'm driving. Now I see why.
  9. this is a great video to watch...I am bad about leaving my purse in the car when I run into an ATM machine with my MAC card...I wont do that again!
  10. thank you so much, i will be more attentive next time, especially locking the car...wow:wtf:
  11. lol... I swear I am like that lady on the video. My friedns think I am paranoic but I am just trying to protect myself. Thanks for sharing :tup: great video
  12. Great video! Especially for those living in the USA. Luckily, identity theft isn't big here in Mexico.

    Totally off topic but, did anyone else find the way the voice over lady pronounced "vehicle" kind of weird? Or maybe I've been mispronouncing it all my life.. I never really emphasized the H.
  13. Thanks for posting that. I'll be more careful now!
  14. My boyfriend always gets angry when I forget to lock the doors when I'm pumping gas! Thanks so much for posting!