Gone Emerald mad...where to find them?

  1. Hi everyone!!!

    Im so hooked on Emeralds......I never thought that I would love a gemstone so much. After I tried one, I cannot get over how rich and vibrant the color is...and the way it compliments my skin tone. I want more!!!

    But its really hard to find them. On the internet, some places do have a few...but I need those with the darker and richer green color vs. the washed out greens that seem to be the majority of jewelry out there.

    Any suggestions??? :confused1:
  2. I'm with you, but I'm no help here (sorry!). I love emeralds! But, I've only bought outside the US. Most in the US seem to really light colored or lab created. Mine are a deep, grass green. They are not huge stones (I have two rings and a set of lever back earrings), but the color is really so pretty.

    I also really like the green garnet- tsavorite, I think? Have you ever seen before? Worth a look if you love deep green gems!
  3. I have a beautiful emerald and diamond ring that my DH bought for me at a small jewelry store here in Maryland.

    Since the color and quality of emeralds vary as all gemstones do, I'd prefer not to buy off the internet. I'd have to see it IRL first.

    I agree with you that emeralds are gorgeous! They're a little soft and so may be a tad fragile, but oh, how I love them!
  4. Are you looking for rings? Earrings? Necklace? Bracelet?

    I have some gorgeous smooth Emerald beads that I haven't used for anything yet. I have a pair of 18k emerald and dark blue sapphire earrings available.

    I love the really vibrant colored emeralds too. :smile:

    It looks like Blue Nile has quite a few Emerald pieces.


    Good luck!
  5. I just googled tsavorite jewerly, it's really nice. I think it could pass as Emerald Jewerly, I know I wouldn't be able to tell. And the price is much better than emeralds.
  6. DO you know of a Columbian Emerald anywhere? I dont know of any in the states but have seen them all over overseas.
  7. I do like tsavorite or even chrome diaposide which has the dark green tones...but the Emerald's green seems a bit more traslucent with different understones that makes it more vibrant. Those other stones are more one dimentional and too dark sometimes....

  8. Thank you, I like the way the stones look but the price is way up there....I'd have to see them IRL to spend that much on line.....
  9. Some shades of green toumaline are also very attractive,there are also green sapphires too,but as with any gem,the better the quality the higher the price tag unfortunately.xxxxxxxx
  10. I'm crazy about emeralds too, it's my birthstone! One of my rings is lab-created and its a real deep color, coz they enhance the coloring, and another of my rings is natural emerald, and it's pretty light and sorta dull. True emeralds are a bit dull, not as dark but I guess it varies location to location.
  11. Thanks for your input guys....

    Still looking and did find some sites one line that seems to have so so quality at good prices....Im still thinking but seems like it will take a while before I can decide on the right color....The deep color is a must and I need to take time to find the right one...sigh....
  12. I also really love emeralds after trying on a pair of columbian emerald earrings this year. I didnt put any effort into buying them because they could only be worn for glamerous occassions due to the style (drop pear with diamond halo). They were everything you expect when you hear the word jewels!!!! And the price was over $10,000....too much for me to consider to have them just sit in a drawer!!!!

    But.....they were extreemly beautiful and I can understand why someone would buy them just to look at!!!

    I fully understand the love affair with emeralds now. But I have no interest in the enhanced or man made ones, only the real stuff.:girlsigh: