Gone Crazy for Courtenay!!!

  1. I ordered the Chambray Courtenay on Friday morning--it's my favorite color, and the bag is very similar to a Poppy bag I handed down to my older daughter (so she could carry just her iPad and a spiral for school, but still be a purse), so I know I'll like the style.

    So ever since Friday I've been yearning for my bag to arrive. Hasn't even shipped yet. :sad:

    Meanwhile I keep looking at pics of the Courtenay online. I start wondering which color to get next. Black? Parchment or Sand? I wonder if the Sand color will match those wedge sandals I bought last year. And the Bright Coral is an enigma to me. Is it orangey or is it more like my hibiscus bush that died in that freeze?

    Seriously, every single day I'm obsessing about this bag and the colors. The colors!!!!

    You know where this is going, right? I need to see these colors IRL, try them on, do some posing in front of a well lit mirror.

    Off to FP.

    To be continued...
  2. I can't wait for the next episode...:p
  3. Hahaha oh girl... I am the SAME! I would buy it in EVERY color if I could afford them! The coral is NOT orange-y. It's the best shade of coral. And the lemon and mint are TDF! I have lemon and she is such a beaut!
  4. I could describe my visit to FP, but I won't. I don't need to.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
  5. The coral is amazing!!!! It's bright but not obnoxious. Very good bold piece.
  6. With flash and without.

    The Sand matches my wedge sandals (not Coach, but even the hardware looks like s match!), and the Bright Coral is not too orangey, it's amazing!

    And I'm still waiting for Chambray to ship!!!!

    I can't wait to mix and match the tassels! I finally have tassels!!!!
    image-2204947297.jpg image-2987959973.jpg
  7. Oh, I forgot this came in Sand.............

    Just lovley, congrats :smile:
  8. I was trying to decide between parchment and sand, and omg, it is stunning in parchment, but the two they had in the store had little specks. I was in love with sand--I wore my wedge sandals from last year to the mall just to check if they were the same type of beige--but they were sold out of sand in Courtenay! I was so disappointed. So the SA rang up black and bright coral and went to the back to wrap them up, and then she comes back out holding one in sand, still in the plastic wrapping--the stock guy had literally JUST opened a box and found one! So then she rang that up, too. LOL. I would feel SOOOOO bad about getting four bags all at once (including the chambray which is on order), but I just got a check I'd been waiting on.
  9. I just replied in another thread, but it's worth repeating...

    WOW!!! CONGRATS!!!

    Great haul! How will you decide which one to carry tomorrow? Lol! Be sure to give us an update when chambray arrives!
  10. Wow. I am soooooo jealous! Congrats! Please post pics when you switch up tassels! That will be adorable! Good luck deciding which to carry first!
  11. Gorgeous bags! All the reveals are making me even more antsy to get to the boutique. I need to see the coral courtenay in person. Ugh!
  12. Congrats! Love that Sand color; it is so sophisticated! Enjoy.
  13. Wow! That's quite a Courtney collection you've got :smile: I've got my eye on a coral. Enjoy!
  14. Sand looks beautiful, congrats on your Courtenay quadruplets!!! Can't wait to see your chambray!
  15. This is shameless enabling but... I f you find a flawless parchment, I highly recommend it. I'm loving mine. Right now it works as a perfect winter white. It will be a beautiful year-round bag.