Gomatta has lp dylan croc 71% off

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  1. bump
  2. And the matching wallet is $68 .. great deal
  3. Great deal! I love the bag but I have WAY extended my shopping budget. I just ordered a leather jacket from them. The shipping was quick and the jacket is fab!
  4. Sometimes GG sends me their deal of the day via email...and sometimes they don't. Strange...
  5. Has anyone done business with them? Just trying to get some feedback before placing an order...thanks gals.
  6. I placed my first order late last week and received a shipping confirmation over the weekend. Hope they are legit!!!!!
  7. I have ordered a few items - They are pretty good. They only have one item a day, but at a really deep discount. The shipping is pretty cheap, like $9.00, and really fast.
  8. Sounds great! Thanks so much for the feedback.
  9. I ordered something on Jan. 9 and the order only shows as "ordered received". How long does it take to process and actually receive items from them?
  10. Do you have to be a member? How do you select color?
  11. Sheesh - usually i am really good at figuring out how to spend money...
  12. Don't have to be a member. Click on "Buy me" and then you'll be able to select color.

  13. frangelica, I ordered mine on 1/13 and will be receiving them tomorrow. I emailed Gomatta today for the shipping status and they replied with the shipping details. My bag was shipped directly from LP. Good luck!