Golly Yoox!

  1. Check out the boot selection they have available with fabulous prices. The Chloe boots are very plentiful which leaves me upset, there's a deal I could of had but now I can not honor.

    Good shopping to all.:graucho:
  2. I just discovered Yoox myself and I'm stunned at the great selection and prices of Chloe shoes! Haven't bought anything yet but I can drool and dream right?

  3. I was introduced to Yoox three years ago by my middle sister; it really is a cool site. I've bought all kinds of terrific European stuff and returns are fast? There's even coupons available, just google Yoox coupons.

    About returns again, read their policies carefully. There are some quirky glitches but if you know what you're dealing with ahead of time it's okay.

    BTW I was stunned to see the vast amount of Chloe boots available in my size no doubt.........it's killing me because I paid full retail where I didn't have too.:push: