golf avec hermès

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  1. i covered the golf teams at my school; taking pictures and interviewing.
    and i somehow "fell in love" with it

    i loved being on the course, so i asked my dad if he could teach me.
    i took my first lesson today - impressing myself, my teacher, and my dad.
    i'm left-handed, but play right-handed...l
    i could actually hit pretty well...:supacool:

    but anyways, besides the beltbag/tee holder
    does hermès make any other golf accessories like gloves?

    if so can anyone share?

  2. I've seen an Hermes golf bag, beautiful.
  3. yeah, i need to sacrifice a leg for one....hahaha
    i was thinking about that...after seeing a FAUX-croc bag on the driving range...:roflmfao:

  4. LOL, I started golf a few years ago and have stopped for a while, it's SO hard!!!! I found some really cute golf accessories from Burberry - not the full-on check but a hint of the check at the edges etc, lovely golf gloves, a visor etc, NOT that I'm trying to steer you away from Hermes, lol. I was always worried about having the good accessories but being so cr@p at golf, hehe
  5. haha true, but won't it boost confidence? :P

    an hermès glove would be nice...dunno which had to be pretty thin

    but i'll check out burberry (hermès suicide) hahah
  6. I kind of want the golf ball Twilly to tie on my golf bag! :tup: