Goldrush color - What's it like IRL?

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  1. Hi,
    I am considering the lorca in goldrush but have never seen it in person. If anyone has something in color, can you please describe whether it is very bright or what it looks like. Thanks so much.
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    Booklady -
    It's a great metallic, not blingy and it has copper undertones!
    Here are some pics for you, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor photo is a bit "washed" out - true color is inbetween these two. It's a bag that you can totally feel comfortable wearing day or night.
    Do a search under this forum under Goldrush and you may get additional photos!
    Hope this helps.

    Duh....I re-read your question and should be more thorough for you......
    HH metallics have character, meaning that it is not a "matte" finish and you can see the grains/character of the leather through their metallics, a quality that I LOVE about this bag. Some may want a consistent look/finish (which I will call "flat"), and if this is the case, I would not get a metallic. The second photo/back of the bag is a great representation. The bag is very soft, BUT, not as soft as non-metallic Lorcas. Any other specific questions???

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  3. Thanks so much dcblam. That is a really big help. The bag is on the way - not that I really need another HH with my ever growing collection but it looks like fun. I guess if this is my biggest vice in life than I may be ahead of the game. I appreciate your help.
  4. Dcblam, your goldrush Lorca is beautiful! Thank you for posting pictures. May I ask you how structured the leather is? Does it drape/smoosh/flop like a Havana, or does it firmly hold its horizontal shape? Thanks.

  5. hey merrygold....very good question....and the answer is:
    in between.
    I find that you have to strategically place the contents in the bag in order for it to maintain it's horizontal/rigid shape. The top always seems to have a slouch/bend....I have found that putting things in the front zippered areas help to maintain a stiffness to the front of the bag. Oh yes, pictures always do help in telling the "story".
    Hope this helps.

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  6. Great pics! Btw, what a cute doggy! Mine sneak into my pics too, lol
  7. I rec'd my goldrush havana yesterday, and when I opened the bag I almost thought it was the wrong color. That's how muted the metallic is on it. At first it looks like a very nice med-light brown, but when I looked closer it is definitely metallic. It is really gorgeous. :love::love:
  8. thanks for the pics!
    I bought the bag and can't wait for my bf's brother to bring it to Canada (he was initially puzzled by my HH fetish, but I think he gets it now,even though he won't say)
  9. I'm so considering buying this. Is there any chance you could take a picture outside, taking them outside seems to capture them best.
  10. Thanks Dcblam, the pictures are terrific! It's always nice to have different views of a bag. I actually prefer a nice drape, so I'm glad to hear that the Lorca does this when empty-ish. I am liking this bag more and more! Now I just need to sit back and wait for a good price that I cannot refuse. I've already splurged too much during this sale to be persuaded by the current prices. :smile:

  11. that color would be GORGEOUS in the clutchwallet! hmmm. now i have something new to stalk...
  12. oh and hooray to everyone who's gotten their bags! what fun!
  13. [​IMG]

    dcblam looks great! I'm "awaitin' " delivery of the Lorca in goldrush, myself! It looks larger than I imagined. Are you a very tiny person?

  14. oh, how think I am tiny!!
    I know we all have body image "issues", but here it goes.....I'm short, 4'11" and normally wear a size 4 or small in stuff.
    Does this help?
    You're gonna love it....perfect for day, perfect for night....great metallic w/o the bling......
  15. dcblam, you are tiny! & cute as can be!
    (So excited! can't wait to get my Lorca!)