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  1. I was wondering if any members who live or travel outside the US would happen to have more info about Goldpfeil from Germany. My sister has a beautiful briefcase and wallet by Goldpfeil, and I was looking through the site and fell in love with the a few of the bags there. Sadly, they do not have any stores in the US...

    I was thinking of ordering one through a friend in Europe, but I'm not really sure of the price range, and my sis can't remember either. :smile:

    Any info you can share would be appreciated. If you have been to their boutiques or own any Goldpfeil products, I'd love to hear your opinions too! Thanks!

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  2. Well good think the resident Purse Blogger lives in Germany. I can call them up and see how much they'd go for.
  3. Goldpfeil has been known for a long time for their quality leather products. My mom has a leather beauty case and all of us in the family have a nail clipper set from them, too. All I can say is, their stuff lasts forever.
  4. I see their main store is in Berlin, I'll be calling them up later today for you.
  5. They used to have a store in NYC -- years ago. I was sorry to see them go. Great stuff and amazing colors!
  6. You guys are great - thanks for being so helpful!
  7. missdz - I called their HQs in Frankfurt. The lady said that unfortunately Goldpfeil no longer have an import to the US, mainly to France and Asia (Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia). The only way to get a hold of their products is through one of those countries.

    Regarding the bags, the red Saffiano goes for 549 Euros, and so does the brown Tradition Shoulder Bag. If you need me to check on any more prices, please post the 12 digit item number that is listed with the bag on its page (in the format xx-xxxx-xx-xxx-x) and I'll call in again.

  8. Aloha
    I just happen to type in the word Goldpfeil to see what is out there and found your post. I am not sure if you had the chance to find the bag that you wanted.
    I used to work for Goldpfeil Japan until 2002 and I can tell you that
    Goldpfeil store is in Guam. Hawaii store was shut down a year later when i left the office to get married.
    I am not sure if they have the bags you look for.
    Guam is an outlet so maybe they have a style you want.
    If you know your Item number would be great.and the color you want.
    just a quick advise. There was time in the goldpfeil history where they used a different logo on the bag which majority ofus did not like.
    It is not the round logo but the size of a label. If you are looking for that kind of bag then I do not think you can find many.
    The current logo is round with the arrow.
    Anyway if you need more information about certain bags let me know I could put you in touch with my old coworker who can maybe help you.

    Of course the best is if you get the chance to go to Germany to visit the headquater then it is nice to buy Goldpfeil product there.
    Good luck with you search.
  9. The red Saffiano looks really nice!
  10. Goldpfeil is a quality brand and highly favored by the Japanese. And you know the Japanese are not just brand conscious, but very quality conscious. I used to own a Goldpfeil pocketbook when it was available where I lived and used it for a long long long long time.
  11. I found a goldpfeil bag at a thrift shop today--it is beautifully made, but it is definitely not leather. It appears to be a high quality vinyl. I have been unable to find any references to goldpfeil's line of non-leather bags. Does anyone know anything about this? Thank you!
  12. I feel that Goldpfeil is $$$ whereas there's another German brand with the same leather and the same craftsmanship comparably called 'Braun Buffel'. In my country, a lot of office ladies buy the wallets although there's also a fair bit of them buying the handbags. They have huge extensive collection for men's like the liquor flask, manicure set, shoe care kit, etc as well. I like them for their price range too!
  13. my friend's dad used to work for goldpfeil. they have very high quality stuff. i am live in germany so if you need any information, just let me know! right now we have holidays and the stores are closed til tomorrow....
  14. Got to this discussion a little late. I also used to work for Goldpfeil, for the doomed NYC store and US wholesale. The quality is excellent. Some styles were stodgy, but others were fashion-forward. Too bad the US did not know how to appreciate this product. It is expensive (bags used to range from $700 to over $1,000) but other brands are even more expensive, but they sell, even though they are not better.
  15. Another one late to the thread. Goldpfeil is available in a few department stores in the Philippines, though the selection is limited. I've only ever bought a few men's wallets to give as presents, and I did own a ladies wallet and a coin purse way back when. They do have excellent quality. The prices are actually reasonable considering the quality. I was able to get a wallet for DH for about $100 a few years back.