Goldilocks and the Three Loubies! Your input, please ladies...

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  1. Well, my first thread was meant to be a reveal, and it sort of is, but not how I planned it! I wanted to be proudly showing off which of these three shoes I was going to keep. Instead, I don't know what to do...

    #1) the Miss Clichy: I have been lusting after these since I first saw photos in late winter from Rosensteins. I think these might be the last pair in my size, and I love them but there are dusty markings on the suede that didn't come out with brushing. Also I can't believe it but the left one (longer foot) might be too short... my toes feel like they touch the end. I am sure the next size up will be loose in the heel and I am tired of too big, stretched out CLs!

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    #2) the Black Python Pigalle 120
    I love them , but they are VERY broken in; someone obviously had them at home and wore them quite a bit. There are nicks in the sole, and black marks and bits of ? on the insole. The leather of the insole feels papery and dried out like it was "cleaned" with some substance that was not good for the leather. And they are pretty stretched out- they do NOT feel like brand new shoes at all! There are no more of this shoe available either I think...

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  3. #3) the Bianca
    nothing wrong, they fit pretty well but a little heel slippage. I just don't feel that excited about the way they look on ME, thought I think they are a very hot shoe. I ordered them as a fall back in case the Miss Clichy didn't work out. I really like the Miss Clichy better though...

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  4. i LOVEEE those pythons! they look soooo sexy! i could NEVER walk in those. the grey suede miss clichy is TDF! do the marks bother you that much, because if not they are a keeper! the biancas look great too but if i had to pick between them and the miss clichy i would go with the miss clichy, imo.

    congrats on some fabulous purchases :biggrin:
  5. I'm not much help... I think all are hot. :blush:
  6. I thought this was going to be a no brainer and I could help save the day!!.....But....I see your dilemma.

    The miss clichy looks awesome on you... like they were made for you. With a little sock trick on one, I bet they would fit like a dream. I see what you mean about the spots on the suede... Would it really bother you?

    The python pigalles are just amazing...but the insides....ew! Were those sold as new!? If so, from where?

    The Biancas are hot and look great on you (really, great!)

    I think it comes down to heel slippage or dusty spot suede. Which can you live with?
  7. ITA, jennified! That is a problem:P
    thanks moshi- I love the Miss Clichy but not sure about the length. I would like them to be clean...
  8. Keep the miss clichy!
  9. I agree with japskivt! Love the suede!

    BTW, what kind of brush did you use to try and get the dust out? I have some I would like to try that on and have never heard of brushing before.
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    I really want the Miss Clichy. The tightness isn't bad but if they are a little short, will stretching over time help at all???
    The Pigalles are "new', from CL Madison. The Miss Clichys are from Horatio...
    I called twice today but never got a call back...
    brintee, I got mine (brush) at a Western gear store, but I think cobblers have them. They are big, plush and very soft and are good for keeping suede in good shape.
  11. I say keep the first two. You don't seem very excited by the Bianca. If you are very bothered by the dust on the Miss Clichy, return them, but I would not buy a bigger size. The python Pigalles look amazing on you. I think you can use some leather conditioner on the insoles to clean and soften them. Of course, if it really bothers you that they are used, sell them.

    You should actually consider getting rid of all three, since there are things about all of them that bother you.
  12. What was your sizing like for the Bianca and the Miss Clichy? Thing is, I'd totally keep all 3! I think the suede will stretch enough, and those markings don't appear to be much more besides normal wear and tear.

    If it helps, I spoke with Reghan at SCP, and the Biancas don't stretch too much according to Amita, who wears them constantly.
  13. Oh Gawd! Your feet and legs look so SEXY in those hot Hot EEEEEELLLSSS~ :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Honestly, If I could wear those and look like you, it would take a WHOLE lotta more eeeeuuuwwww inside, to make me return them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. BTW, the new black VP's I got had the residue on the inside as well, but as they are the only one in my size and I love them, I kept and will just clean.

    Another question that may help the decision: What are your proposed outfits for all these shoes? Jeans? Skirts? That may help to picture them in your wardrobe.
  15. If they are just a little short, the sock trick will work and you will be MUCH happier with them than if you went a size bigger and got slippage. Suede stretches pretty easy. They might be a little uncomfortable at first but give the sock trick a good try before you decide to return them. They do look fab on you. What did you use to try and clean the suede? I have had really good luck with those rubbery eraser looking suede cleaning blocks.

    The pigalles are sooo hot. I just can't believe they are that worn looking. If there is a good discount, i would keep them. If not, I wouldn't be happy paying for a shoe that is obviously worn.