Goldie Hawn: Whats Going On ?

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  2. Wow, she looks beat up. At least we know she hasn't had a face lift.
  3. Ouch!!! That's rough!! :huh:

    If I were her daughter I'd be putting deposits down in preperation for plastic surgery as we speak.....
  4. As I said before, she is turning 61 in November and I think she looks great for her age. Yes, it's a bad photo but to be fair, she is leaving the gym and trust me, I am 32 and you don't want to see what I look like when I am leaving my gym:lol:! Kudos to her for not looking like a Hollywood freak all nipped and tucked!
  5. Shes just getting older is all and I'm guessing no make up because she just got done working out.
  6. Eh, she's in her 60s, I think she looks fantastic normally-better than a lot of women in their 40s & 50s! The cameras just caught her with no make up and making weird faces while on the phone.
  7. i think she looks great for her age. yes she looks like the very devil now because she just went to the gym, but i really respect her for not getting a thousand facelifts like the other stars. she's what i think of as 'ageing gracefully'.
  8. I think she looks great for 60...she's still fashionable too. Go Goldie! I embrace her for NOT doing the surgery route like others in Hollywood half her age already do...
  9. I dunno.....she's looking pretty rough for 60. My grandparents are in their late 60's and don't even look half as scary as that!! Aaaack!!! :shocked:
  10. So the woman clearly has some sun damage. But what woman doesn't in that generation? They were all out baking under the sun or in tanning beds. Despite that, she looks great, and I'm glad that she feels like she doesn't have to put on a full face of makeup to face the paps.
  11. I think she is still gorgeous.When i left the gym today,I looked worse than that.She still cleans up well and she has a fantastic body.
  12. she's 61???? OMG, she's still pretty to think of that age...
  13. She still looks good for 61!
  14. Hey, we should all look so good at 61.
  15. I guess we're just used to seeing celebrities all done up and when they're not, they just look normal like you and I....