Goldfish Coin purse

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  1. This coin purse is adorable...I just found it on e-bay, put it on my watch list and then 5 mins later its sold for buy it now for 79.99. Anyone see these lately?

  2. these are really rare. i hardly see these on eBay, but i do see the gold fish keyfob version a lot. just keep checking the auctions periodically, they're bound to show up again.
  3. I've never seen that before. Cute though!
  4. I've never seen the coin purse but the keyfobs were at the outlets last summer. I agree with lunatwinkle, keep checking eBay.:yes:
  5. That's cute! :smile:
  6. That's so cute! It's going for a lot though. I don't think I'd spend that much on a coin purse.

    I also LOVED the fruit slice coin purses in that shape. I am kicking myself for not getting the watermelon one.
  7. Those are really rare and one of my favorite coin purses! I never bought one, but I do have the goldfish key fob....much less expensive!
  8. How did I miss BOTH of these! That is so on my wish list! Dang....
  9. Cute! Pricey...but cute!
  10. Aw cute, but yeah...VERY rare.

    WOW, $80... I'd rather get a bag from the outlets, lol...
  11. ^^^ Totally agree with you Margaritaxmix!!
  12. Never seen it before, but so cute!
  13. I have that along with the keychain. I think the coin purse was over 100 dollars US when they were new. Keeping the suede clean can be hard but you have to be careful of the gold snakeskin trim on the edges too.
  14. that is so cute. I have never seen that before.