Goldensx5 Assorted Bag Collections

  1. Oh my....your collection is just awesome. You are so lucky!! I love every single piece, all of them are such classics too, they will never date. Any collection with a Judith Leiber also gets my vote!
  2. Holey moley! :nuts: What an amazing collection!! :girlsigh: Where do you store them all? Do they have their own closet? A collection of this size definitely deserves it own room!!
  3. Gorgeous collection! So much variety and colors!
  4. :nuts: everything is absolutely bee-yoo-ti-full! i counted over 100 bags, that's some serious collecting!
  5. WOOOW, WoooooW, WOOOW!!!!!
    You ROCK ! :rochard:

    You're officially crowned a PF Queen ..... :queen:

    Beautiful Collection Golden.....
  6. I'm speechless! You have one of the best collections ever! Fabulous colors, styles, designers ...... you have it all! What a diverse collection! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thanks much PF Ladies!! I am overwhelmed at all of the many nice comments. :smile: I am just glad you are enjoying them too. It is sooo nice that I can finally share my different collections with others who have similar tastes and the same bag obsessions. :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  8. ^^and please update your showcase with any future acquisitions!!!!
  9. I can't say I'm speechless because after seeing your collection only one thing comes to, and when do you use all those gorgeous bags??!! How do you rotate them? Please, if you don't mind, explain how you can possibly use all the bags.
  10. WOW!! Now this is what i call a COLLECTION! Everything is gorgoeus!! :biggrin:
  11. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove ur collection...
    u have a great taste and i really enjoyed looking at ur bags(wish i lived in ur closet )
    thanx for sharing :smile:
  12. wow, that's a scary's unbelievable!
  13. WOW !!!

    How DO you decide what to carry ? :graucho:

    I especially love your muse shot, of them all lined up at the side. I love your Chanel collection, you've pretty much got everything !!
  14. What a beautiful collection! Great variety of everything ... I'm soo envious! :greengrin:
  15. My head is spinning...