Goldenbleu--yes or no?

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  1. Ok, so I fell across this Goldenbleu purse. They're leather is SOOOOOOOOOOO soft. I think it's softer than anything else I've touched in a long time! It's also lined in a nice suede... Also comes in chocolate brown and a few other colors. What do you guys think?
  2. I don't really like this purse, but its a great price for a purse lined in suede and super soft leather.
  3. If you go through this link and give your email, they will send you a one time code (good for 2 years) for 30% off your total order if you are a new customer. It took a few hours to get...but I finally got it this afternoon.

    Not good on Paige jeans, Kooba...and a few other brands...:sad:

    Wanted to add also, free shipping, free returns...can't go wrong!
  4. Thanks Bjara--I have the coupon too... Just debating if this purse is really worth it. My local Nordstrom has it and I looked at it for awhile. Just not sure if it's kinda "weird" looking, lol. But I think it'd be a good "travel" purse with some style.
  5. wicked, wicked, wicked here's your bag conscience speaking: You don't need this bag you've got enough nice and slouchy pillows at home.No seriously it looks like a pillow where you've just woken up on but if you like it- go for it.
  6. Maybe it's the color I don't like. But it's a strange looking bag. I'd skip it for something else!
  7. Yeah, I am definitely not digging it. I can't exactly pinpoint what it is either.

    1. The straps don't do anything for me but the pictures weren't that clear. They looked rather plain.

    2. I did like the folds in the leather and the metal work individually, I just don't like them together.

    Sorry, wicked, I would pass on this one completely. I would go for one you absolutely adore vice wondering about.
  8. Not crazy about this one either. There are so many other cute bags out there- go for one that you absolutely LOVE!
  9. i am sorry but i have to say.. skip this one dear..:oh:
    nay for the shape :blink:
    and even if its extra soft..!! wont pay that much for it at all!! :huh:
    u'll find a better choice i am sure..:biggrin: just keep searching ;)
  10. It's kind of cute but for that price I will wait for the bag I really really love even if I have to put a little more money with it.
  11. Love it so much that nobody else's opinion matters!!!!
  12. For the price I don't like it so much.
  13. Agreed.
  14. I am not crazy about the shape/ style of the bag, but as a proud owner of a Goldenbleu myself, they really have one of the best materials out there!
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