Goldenbleu sales??

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows where to get the best deals on goldenbleu bags...or if anyone knows if they're going to do any sample sales in the near future. i'm dying to get the jordan bag in navy or grey.


    btw - this forum is awesome. i'm still a newbie, but i'm already addicted :smile:
  2. The leather on goldenbleu Jordan handbags looks sooo soft. Pinkmascara has both a Navy and a grey one, but they're full price. Label360 has several Jordan bags for about one hundred dollars less, but they don't have navy or grey (well, there is mushroom, which looks light grey).

    On the goldenbleu site it states that they'll be in Dallas March 17-20, and in L.A. March 23-27 for what I assume are sample sales.

    Good luck!
  3. thanks, Dev! i've looked at the goldenbleu jordan bags at Pinkmascara, Label360, and some other sites. if i wasn't a law student with a negative net worth, i would totally buy them full price.

    i'm just hoping they'll go on sale soon..
  4. thanks, grechen!