Goldenbleu: Pretty zipper or suede lining?

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  1. Hello, everyone!

    This will be a quickie post (more later): I'm thinking about buying a Tiffany Goldenbleu clutch--and I've noticed two things about them: the ones that have a suede lining (luxurious!) come with a very plain inner zipper, while the ones that come with a fabric lining (meh) come with a shiny metal zipper (quality). Of course, I care about the outer color of the bag, but I think all of the colors are pretty which would you pick?
  2. Tough one. I would make my choice on the bags color I guess.
  3. suede lining. i dont like the grosgrain they use. but ultimately pick based on color
  4. agreed....i have one of each. the outer color really determines it for me, but if want to limit myself to one and only one, then out of the color list i have, i'd base it on the suede lining.
  5. i'll try to remember to do this this weekend....unfortunately, i have class tonight and my daughter's birthday party on saturday, so i'll be swamped for time.
  6. now the explanation: I'm buying one for myself, but I'm also purchasing one for my sister. And when she opens the purse, I want her to think "Ooooh...sumptuous" rather than "What's with the zipper? Isn't this supposed to be quality?" I do want her to like it--she is kind of a bag snob. (Designer) bag snob. Just kind of. (Am I overreacting/over-thinking this? Is this OCD? Am I just too picky? I am purse-obsessed after all....)

    On a separate note, since it seems that the outside color is more important than I thought--here are the colors I'm considering, and here is a short description of my sister's style (Does it sound like you? If so, tell me your opinions! I have a slightly different style than my sis, so I don't really know...)

    Sister's style: quality, quiet, subdued, elegant, classic, expensive--(you know, not a LV bag with logos all over but more like a supple black leather YSL without any outside identification of the brand)

    Bags I have seen her carry: a medium gray suede clutch (no idea what brand), black suede structured (it wasn't saggy) YSL tote with a little bit of fringe, supple black leather Prada hobo-satchel hybrid (the leather is "distressed"--you know, very smooshy/saggy/soft), and another purse similar to the Prada described above in a dark charcoal grey(again, I don't know what brand). Overall, I think her style tends to be more subdued colors: black, grey...and very classic, non-trendy styles

    Colors I'm considering: dark purple patent (it's so dark it's almost black, but still...purple might be too "wild" for her)
    black leather (looks a little "mature" for her...she is about 22)
    black patent (too shiny? This is an oversized clutch....)
    chestnut brown leather (I think it's gorgeous, but I realized that her wardrobe tends to be cool colors)
    dark grey patent-almost black (again, is it too much shine? A little shine is fine, but a huge patent bag?)
    Ladies, thanks for helping me out! You're all angels!
  7. Of course first and foremost you should buy the outside color you want. Bag color aside, I prefer the grosgrain lining with the metal zipper. It just drives me crazy when you have an expensive, luxurious, well made bag and they stick a plastic zipper inside. I own both, and I like the grosgrain lining just as well as the suede lining.
  8. Get the red patent for your sister!
  9. hmm as much as i enjoy GB, it may not be the right bag for your sister... i dont feel the bags look that classic or classy, which is what your sister seems to like. i suppose the mercedes clutch may be more her style. GBs style to me is more funky/cool etc
  10. Pink: mmm....I think you're right. I ended up not getting this GB clutch because I thought it was too oversized: too over-the-top for my dear's a great deal, though.
  11. the plastic zipper thing really bothers me too nowadays. very high end designers are using plastic zippers inside their bags now instead of metal. examples are dolce and gabanna, zac posen (used to be metal zippers inside), and a few more i don't remember. it disgusts me to see plastic zippers inside a 2k handbag, i mean why can't they afford another $1 to have better quality? because of the plastic zippers, I really have to think about what i buy now.