Goldenbleu Pics Only Thread

  1. Goldenbleu Mercedes Clutch, patent red.JPG Goldenbleu Emerson Clutch, patent white.JPG Goldenbleu Tiffany Clutch, black patent.JPG
  2. My first Goldenbleu - Amethyst Rebecca Satchel (Small)
    Waiting on - Carmen Carbon wallet
  3. Just received my Tiffany in petrol today![​IMG]
  4. Sorry it's so big I don't know how to post the thumb nails.
  5. Lovely bags, ladies!
    Here are my Tiffany clutches I just got today...



    & Red Patent




    (It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...)
  6. Thanks for the pics everyone! Your bags are fabulous :nuts:

    ETA: I think I need to add a Goldenbleu bag to my collection!
  7. Thought I'd post a family shot!
    Goldenbleu Goodies.JPG
  8. the boots from sample sale =D
    goldenbleu_boots1.jpg goldenbleu_boots2.jpg
  9. I bought the same Tiffany and love it!!

  10. Sorry it took forever for me to post these pics:sad:
    Here is my Carmen wallet in carbon patent.
    S3010004.JPG S3010003.JPG
  11. Very pretty. Congrats! :tup:
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    love that Carmen wallet, very sleek!
  13. Common guys! More modeling pics! Rock those Goldenbleu bags!!!
  14. Here are some of my older pics that for some reason I hadn't added yet...
    Left: Small patent Rebecca in Fawn, Right: patent Alba Nero

    Rebecca in Fawn (size reference)

    Rebecca in Fawn (shoulder drop)

    Rebecca in Nero
  15. Thanks Leo!!! You just made my shopping decision more difficult!!! :blink: