Goldenbleu Parker Tote at BG...$313!!!!

  1. Congrats! That is such a great bag!! Will look perfect in the summer!! Post pics when you get it!
  2. Goldenbleu is a great brand, they are located here in San Francisco. I have that bag in lavender and I get lots of compliments on it. Enjoy it!!
  3. *bump* How are you liking this bag? I find the shape of it totally adorable and am thinking about purchasing!

  4. FYI -- the Goldenbleu website has the Parker Totes for $375. A little more expensive, but if BG doesn't have the color you want it may be worth checking out. They have some other great deals too!
  5. BG is totally sold out.
  6. Sorry guys - this was an old thread that I bumped with the search feature in google but I didn't realize it was in Deals and Steals. :love: I will go bump one in the regular handbag forum instead. *embarrassed* *hoping for TPF search feature back soon!*