Goldenbleu Marilyn- Keep or not to keep?!

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  1. I bought the Goldenbleu Marilyn in chocolate, and just received it. I like the shape and design, but the leather is very glossy and thin- almost pleather-ish. Does anyone else have a marilyn and feel the same way? Does it get better with age? Since I'm not crazy about the texture, I am inclined to return it but it was such a good deal!(50% off!) Should I just return it?
    Pic of Marilyn:

    What I may want to get instead if I return the marilyn :amuse: :
  2. I like the second one much better.
  3. If you are not crazy about the texture maybe it's a good idea to return it for something you will really love.:love:
  4. I like the second bag much better!
  5. hmm, i actually like the first one... just because of the colour... something different! :smile:
  6. I agree with the majority...return 1 and purchase 2.
  7. Right now I am liking the first one more because of the metallic colour and the wrap-around strap. It's definitely more unique looking; but I think the second one is definitely more practical and will last a longer time. Also, the second one seems like it will match a larger variety of outfits.
  8. i really like the second! i think the first has too much embellishment with the leather ties.
  9. I like the second one better. The Marilyn has an interesting look and color, but I think in the long run, you might like the second tote better.
  10. I say go for the second one--I am not crazy about the wrapping of the strap around the first one.
  11. Second one....BUT, that first one is kinda interesting looking, but if the leather isn't there...then you're probably better off with the second.
  12. It says temporarily unavailable....were you able to get it?
  13. Love the second one, but I can see the appeal of the first one; very different and funky.
  14. i like the second one
  15. I actually think that the Marilyn is a gorgeous bag and I far prefer it to the second one.