Goldenbleu Luella

  1. Goldenbleu 'Luella' Frame Pocket Tote - Leather -

    Does anyone else think this is one weird-looking bag? Like some kind scientific experiment gone wrong. It looks like it's a clutch growing out of a tote.:confused1:

    I haven't seen this IRL, if any of you have, does it look weird?
  2. I haven't seen this before... it looks weird to me.
    I absolutely don't like it.
  3. It is a strange design. I hate the whole handle thing on it.
  4. it was kind of a good idea...but when you feel the strap in real life it is really, really hard...the shape of the bag is just off...

    there are others who place a baby frame on a bag and it looks really cute, this one is just a "miss", unfortunately.
  5. I saw this and thought it was a little strange too. The black is not quite as bad IMO, but it is not something I would purchase, even on sale.
  6. I have it in green and it's a great bag. I've gotten a ton of compliments! I think in the black, the bag looks kinda odd. The outer "pocket" is great cause it fits my sunglasses and cell. It helps keep me organized.
  7. When I first saw this in Elle, I actually like it. However, I don't know how practical it would be for me since it's made of patent leather.
  8. I love this bag - I just got it in the "blush" color. I think it looks so glamorous and unique.
  9. it is a most "un-natural" bag...the handle is hard, and the construction is stiff...
  10. I like the fact that the handle are more 'stiff'. I think it's such a totally unique and super-glam bag.
  11. It's definitely unique....I think the outside pocket is cute but the handle is odd-looking to me.
  12. :roflmfao: Nice explanation! yes the bag is weird, I think a lot of designers are doing this sort of bag this year. I think Marc Jacobs has something like this too, a bag on a bag!
  13. Well I know what it's like to have an unusual bag as I have many. The handles aren't for me and I feel like the coin purse is watching me. Maybe it's just too early in the morning and I need coffee.
  14. I thought I had noticed several bags with this type thing going on but I wasn't sure if they were perhaps all by goldenbleu. It has a little too much going on in the front for me. If it had one or the other, the stand out handle like it is or the front pouch, I think I would love it. I prefer one stand out thing at a time.
  15. It looks bad in white, but it's not as bad in the other colors IMO...