Goldenbleu Luella Tote bag...SIZING HELP needed...

  1. Hi All,

    I was wondering if any of you own or have seen this bag in person? I am a big bag person, and when I saw it in the NM catalogue, I loved it because it's cute and looks relatively large.

    However, when I looked the bag up on, according to the site's "fit" guide, this is a "small" bag:

    Fit: Small: Holds at least a cell phone, small wallet and

    Can anyone let me know how sizing of this bag is? If it's only big enough to hold what the Nordstrom site says, it will not be practical for me.

    Help Please! TIA! :yes:
  2. I really like this bag, too! Love the kisslock outside pocket!

    I think Nordstrom just erred in the size label, as the dimensions listed (18"W x 14"H x 1"D) indicate a large bag!

    Here's a photo from active endeavors:

  3. I also saw that sizing on Nordstrom's website, and thought it was weird. It's either a mistake, or they are focusing on the fact that the bag is not very deep (from the front to back deep). I definitely think it's a big bag. I really like it, but it seems too large for me. I wish it were smaller!

    Oh, and if you ever have any questions about Goldenbleu products, don't hesitate to contact them. They have great customer service. I've emailed them twice and each time they replied the same day with a super friendly and helpful email. I love that!
  4. I just remembered that Shopbop has more pictures of the bag, including one taken from the side to show the depth of the bag. That might help you get a better idea of the size. :yes:
  5. thanks, Dev & favoritethingshawaii!