Goldenbleu Katherine

  1. What do you think of the Goldenbleu Katherine bag (small)? Has anyone seen one IRL?

    If you like the bag, which of the following colors would you choose?


    Dark Navy (it looks black in this pic, but this is all I can find):

  2. I've seen it, and I like it. But only in black, blue, or cream. Not crazy about the brown.
  3. My DD has one and uses it at school to carry books. The quality of the leather is tdf. It's a gorgeous bag. All the colors look good. :heart:
  4. Thanks for the above responses. :smile:

    I'm torn between getting the Katherine or waiting until March to get the Goldenbleu Mini Parker Patent Leather Tote in yellow (I would feel too guilty getting both). Any opinions would be really appreciated!

    The yellow Mini Parker Tote isn't out yet, but this is it in red:
  5. WEll if you're anything like me, you'll get the Katherine now and still get the patent one come March! If you can wait, I say do because it seems like that's the one you really want.
  6. i would chose navy or white. not digging the saddle color at all. sometimes it can be too reddish.
  7. I really like this bag. I think the cream would be great. I also like the patent bag.