Goldenbleu Jordan

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  1. Has anyone experienced problems with the hardware on this bag?
  2. I've only been carrying mine for a couple of weeks now but so far so good!
  3. Thank you for your reply. I bought on on the Avelle outlet. I carried it one day and the hardware on one of the handles broke. When I looked more closely, it looked like someone had already tried to repair it once. I love the Jordan but wanted to make sure this isn't a known problem before I buy another...this time new and not from Avelle.
  4. Another pfer has had a Jordan in Amethyst for a quite awhile and no problems posted either. has a red patent Jordan right now for only $189!
  5. I saw that one! has them on sale for $261. The one I had was the carbon but they have the amethyst too and that is gorgeous.
  6. I take that back. It's not available on that site anymore. Phooey.
  7. I just went to and they must be sold out, GOOD because I was gonna get one in Amethyst!
  8. I have had my black Jordan for a couple of years now and no problems. It's still in good shape...good quality leather. I still love it too!
  9. I would contact Goldenbleu if you're having quality issues- I've never had a problem with any of mine, but they've been very responsive to other's on the boards that have had them.
  10. I'm thinking maybe this has something to do with Avelle and a bag that had been previously carried? I'm wondering if there was greater-than-average wear and tear on that particular bag because of the bag-borrowing system?
  11. That's what I was hoping it was. It sounds like this was the issue. That same bag had traces of sand inside. I already sent the bag back but wanted to doublecheck the hardware issues before I bought another Jordan.