Goldenbleu Jordan?

  1. I'm thinking of getting the purple patent Goldenbleu Jordan. I've been eyeing it for a while and now it's on sale. :yahoo:


    But, I'm wondering if the crinkly patent leather will look dated if I wear it in the Spring, or next winter. Usually, if I spend $$$ on a bag, I want to be able to wear it for a long time.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Oooh, I think I saw this bag on the sale table at Saks, the color is TDF! I love patent, and I love purple, so I'd rock this bag day in day out.
  3. I really like this bag! That deep purple is so pretty! I love it shape as well. Yummy.....
  4. great bag! hope you get it:tup:
  5. I like this bag too, but I wasn't sure about the patent either. I haven't seen the purple one yet. I bet that looks hot.
  6. I have this bag in purple and plan to wear it this spring. I co-own a handbag boutique in Seattle and believe that you'll still be seeing lots of patent in spring 2008. Hope you get the bag and enjoy it!