Goldenbleu Jordan Satchel

  1. Anyone have this bag so they can post a modeling picture? I wasn't able to find any through the search function. I think I'm in :heart: with this bag...but I'm scared it might be too big! Thanks!
    best bag ever.jpg best bag ever - brown.jpg
  2. I love that bag! I don't have it but I found these pictures.
  3. fabulous cascratchfever! i just wanted to get a better idea of what it looked like on. i think i need that bag! haha :love:
  4. The only thing is that Goldenbleu bags are heavy. They are lined in suede and the outside leather is thick. I remember seeing last year Revolve Clothing putting 'This bag is heavier than most' warnings in its description of some of the Goldenbleu handbags on its site.
  5. hm...thanks for that info. adoptastray. i prefer my bags feel 'substantial' and i don't mind a little weight, but anything over 5 or 6 lbs. might be annoyingly heavy to carry around all day. i also wonder how that light gray color would hold up to daily use...
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT (well them!)!!!! :heart:

  7. Oooh, the amethyst one is gorgeous!!! I really like the shape of this bag.
  8. Pretty!!!
  9. I have the Delia? and forgot the name of the other Goldenbleu, but it has studs all around the corners and a huge clasp closure. I love both, and the one I don't know the name of is lighter. But I suspect the Delia, which is heavier, is closer in leather and weight to the Jordan. Both are "taller" vs. wider, but slouch really well.

    From the different web pictures of the Jordan, it looks like a decent size so go for it (I've been thinking about the style too)!

    FYI - both of my bags have suede linings so pre-treat it inside!
  10. i love that amethyst color! :heart:
  11. That's a very cute bag. I think it's a good size and not too small or to big. I love that gray color.
  12. I like it! I'm seeming to like everything lately....:rolleyes:
  13. that purple is soo rich and luxurious! love it!!
  14. i have always liked this bag and the amethyst patent is surely a beauty.

    for those of you looking for a deal, i found it on Label360 for $700 and you can use the code "Toutie25" to get 25% off, not bad considering it's a current season's bag! HTH~