Goldenbleu-handbags-what do you think?

  1. Has anyone bought Golenbleu handbags? If so what are your opinions????
    I saw a bag called the Delia Braid tote that I thought was really neat looking and it is the perfect size for me. I am unfimalar with this brand so anything you can say I want to hear.
  2. I had the Devin (sp?) Hobo in my house for 24 hours but sent it back. It just wasn't the bag for me as the color I got was WAY too flashy BUT the leather on it was sooo soft and squishy. It really was a gorgeous bag. I think I know the bag you are talking it on Bluefly? Cute. I'm not a big fan of any of the other styles, can't do patent and the rest don't suit my lifestyle :shrugs:
  3. I'm usually a bit behind the curve, so I just discovered Goldenbleu handbags a couple weeks ago. I love the Delia Braid Tote!!:tup: I've been stalking it on Bluefly too. You're right, it is the perfect size and sooo fun. Unfortunately, I have two HH bags coming my way and have to pass. Plus, the colors are pretty light which worries me.

    If you end up picking it up, please, please, please post pictures.
  4. I love Goldenbleu bags- they're simple, but beautiful and unique.

    I'm lemming for a Jordan satchel. It finally went on sale on Amazon, but the gray I want sold out and they only have white :sad:
  5. I think they are wonderful bags. I don't have one yet, but I was checking them out and smooshing the leather in Neimans the other day:smile:

    The clutches are my favorite, but they all seem to be nice quality.
  6. I found the bag on Bluefly but the light colors are not something that I would want--they would get dirty in my mind. So I was going to ask some of my friends who work in upscale stores to check and see what they have in stock. I would love a dark color.
    One think I am concerned about is the quality of the leather. I have seen some expensive bags with the leather wearing out in the corners and just looking a bit messed up and this would also drive me crazy. Another thing is how heavy is the bag? I have a Mulberry Phobe bag that is so heavy to carry. I like a lighter bag.
    Thanks for all the help.
  7. I have a Parker tote.

    not a flashy bag in any means, but it is soft, light weight, and easy bag to carry. I had been looking for the Parker in the navy patent (a very hard find) and the store said they had one, but naturally they didn't. However, I really liked the neutral and had just purchased a pair of shoes in the same tone.. so I came home with her. This is my only Goldenbleu, but would purchase another one.

    The company is based out of San Francisco and has only been around since 2004.
    inventory 007.jpg