Goldenbleu .. Good deal?

  1. Cute bag! I have not seen this bag in person, however, I have found other GoldenBleu's at Nordstrom Rack...I might look there, if I was you?
  2. It is an okay deal I think if you like this color... I am slightly obsessed with this bag. I have ONCE seen this bag for cheaper than $299...I saw the Carbon Patent version (SO HOT!) on Shopbop for $213 final sale, for a brief minute! Then it was sold out in an instant! that was frustrating.

    Anyway, I ordered this bag from Bergdorf Goodman in white (non-patent) for $313 but ended up returning it:;jsessionid=SPNVWV2UIQSX2CQAAKNBPVI?itemId=prod22540014&parentId=cat223301&index=7&cmCat=cat000000cat205700cat205900cat205909cat223301

    and I wanted to answer your question about the laptop because I think the version I had is the same size as the one you are looking at.

    I wanted to use it as a work bag and because of the way the sides of the bag are slanted it was a somewhat tight fit with my laptop, but it DID fit (I have a 12 inch laptop but I carry it inside of a sleeve that is really for a 15 inch laptop). I didn't feel comfortable with how tight the fit was so I returned it. I think if you have a really small laptop and small sleeve its probably okay. I really wish they designed more cute totes specifically for work & carrying laptops!

    I think this is a really nice bag because it is lined in suede and the hardware just gives it a really polished look. The leather seems to wrinkle a bit, that is one thing I noticed but it might not be an issue with the patent version.

    Hope that helps.