GOLDENBLEU authenticate please!

  1. Hi! I have a Goldenbleu bag, but not this model. I will say that the leather looks the same as my bag. Also, the interior details are the same as the ones in my bag: cell pocket, PDA pocket, zipper pocket with logo tag, and key clip. I don't think she mentions it, but the interior is real suede with leather trim. Goldenbleu bags are really quality and have wonderful attention to detail.

    Edit: I forgot your second question. I guess it depends on how bad you want it. I haven't seen that many in black. I know a few places had them on sale, but I don't think I ever saw them for less than $400-$450. Compared to other bags in this price range (Kooba, Gustto) I think the quality is better. They have real suede linings, as opposed to canvas or faux suede. They smell delicious! The leather is very soft and thick and has a nice sheen to it.