Golden Sunday Morning Reveal

  1. It's my first Chanel, but not exactly what I planned on buying first. At first I wanted a m/l classic flap, but after a couple of months of asking opinions here I decided that I'm a more subtle type of girl and a reissue would be more me. So, I've been patiently waiting to buy one until this fall when it's my birthday. However, we all know it's really hard day in and day out seeing beautiful reveal after beautiful reveal here and not be tempted!! That's what happened to me starting the beginning of June when several of you lovely ladies revealed either your new WOC or reissue in the new gold color. Couldn't stop thinking about it!!! Mostly because it's NOT a bright yellow gold color. It's a chameleon, so it has a taupe look to it, and at times a rose gold tone. So after my monthly "visit" to Chanel to "visit" the reissue (since I'm still not ready to buy. It's not fall yet), the wonderful SA (and very patient with me) said she thought she could locate the gold WOC if I was interested? So I went home and thought about it, studied the pictures in the June thread and clubhouse. And then I called and said "see what you can do". I've also wanted a WOC, but planned to get one after the big ticket reissue. Plus, I REALLY love the working turnlock on the reissue WOC. It arrived mid week and finally got around to inspecting it and taking some pictures for those like myself, who love to see the color in different lighting.

    Thank you all who share your beautiful pictures of old items and new! They help so much!!! Haha.....probable too much sometimes. Thank you for letting me share! IMG_1500224232.487853.jpg IMG_1500224246.806388.jpg IMG_1500224271.792772.jpg IMG_1500224284.720763.jpg IMG_1500224299.187459.jpg IMG_1500224336.456220.jpg IMG_1500224347.928331.jpg
  2. Amazing color!! Love it!
  3. Stunning ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Beautiful bag :heart:
  5. :love: What a gorgeous WOC! I really love this tone of gold color, it's not so much in your face gold, KWIM?

    Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. Very pretty color, congrats!
  7. Congratulations! What a stunning color!
  8. So pretty! Congrats on your first, but not last Chanel!
  9. Wow! It does look rose gold in certain light! What a perfect neutral bag. Congratulations on your first Chanel!!!
  10. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Ahhhhh!!!!! I'm so, so SOOOO HAPPY for you dearest L2L! WOOOOFREAKINHOOOO!! She's so stunning & I hope you have MANY happy wearings/adventures together for many years to come. Huge Congrats on your first!!!:love::love::loveeyes::loveeyes::tup::tup:
  11. Beautiful color!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Thank you so much Zucnarf!!
  13. Thank you so much Chicnfab!!
  14. Thank you amphirite! i think she's beautiful too!
  15. I love the color also!! It's a beautiful neutral color that will look great day or night. What does KWIM mean? Lol, I'm sure it's an easy abbreviation, but I have no clue?