Golden Spoon vs PinkBerry

  1. So I have a Golden Spoon right down the street from me. I love this stuff. Today I got Mounds Bar flavor and Strawberry Cheesecake... soooo good.
    Well, a PinkBerry is opening up about 20 minutes away and I've been soooo excited. I've never had it before but have heard nothing but good about it... esp. on this forum. DH was wondering what all my hype was about since I've never even tried the stuff. I was telling him much better it is for you than other yogurt.
    Well, after looking at both websites I realized that I'm actually better off with Golden Spoon. A 4oz portion of Golden Spoon is only 68 calories. While, PinkBerry is 25 calories per ounce... so 100 calories for 4oz. I'm still excited to try PinkBerry though!
    But yeah, my point is, I was interested if anyone has had both and which you prefer?
  2. Two totally different types of flavor, imo. Golden Spoon is the traditional "frozen yogurt" most people grew up with that tastes a bit heavy and creamy. Pinkberry tastes like what "real" yogurt tastes like - a bit tart and light, and it's more icy in texture than creamy. I personally prefer Pinkberry because I like the tartness (reminds me of the vietnamese yogurt cups I had growing up) and I don't like how heavy regular frozen yogurt is. Which can totally be a bad thing - I can probably eat a child size Golden Spoon before I'm sick of it, whereas I can wolf down a Medium sized Pinkberry with no problem!
  3. As sailornep5 mentioned both have a different taste and both are great in their own way. I find myself going to Golden Spoon more often though. It is closer to me and I love the Cake Batter and Raspberry yogart. I go to Golden Spoon probably once a week.
  4. My neighbor also told me last nite that PinkBerry has the live cultures in it so it's better for you... didn't realize that one!
    I am so anxious to try it!!!!
  5. Ahh... I have seen the light!
    I looked up the locations and realized there was one on the other side of town. I kick myself for not realizing this sooner.
    Anyway, made the trip over there today. Got an original with raspberries and strawberries. I didn't eat it until I got home. It made me wish I got a large instead of a small. That stuff is tasty!! I see what you mean about complete different tastes between the two franchises. That is some good stuff!!!
  6. Pinkberry rules but Red Mango started it all and they are coming to my state first. All you need is their 2 flavors: regular or green tea and then if you want add any of their creative and fresh toppings.
  7. Yes Pinkberry and Golden Spoon are completely different. However, around Southern California (hasn't quite hit Nor Cal yet), several "imitation" Pinkberry yogurt stores have popped up. IMO, my fave is Yogurtland. The yogurt is just like Pinkberry's except this store is Self Serve and has about 20 flavors (Not exaggerating!). The best part is the price is based on Weight. This way you're not paying $8 for a generous serving of yogurt...
  8. I would give all my bags away for a local golden spoon!! I went to a fitness spa in La jolla summer before last and when I hated dinner, I would have a kids size golden spoon. I contacted them to see if I could open a franchise in Key west...they said no :sad: I could live on that stuff! OH HOW I MISS IT.
  9. yeah like others have already stated
    two totally different tastes
    i loveeeeeee both!!!!
    you should definitely try yogurtland or red mango though. imo they're a lot better than pinkberry. of course that is if they're near you