Golden Goose

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  1. I really like Golden Goose boots. Can anyone give me some insight on these boots, especially about the sizing? I will have to order them online.
    Thank You!
  2. I had a pair last year and found they were pretty much to size. I take a 39 which is what I bought and they were very comfortable. The only thing i found with them was the leather was quite rigid and I felt they overpowered me a bit. Very good quality though.
  3. Lakeharper, did you order them? I'm drooling over them and not sure what size to order. Let me know how they fit if you got them! Thanks!
  4. Calypso carries Golden Goose in the store. The boots are hot!!! Calypso St. Barths is a great little boutique in The Plaza at Preston Center. They used to be in Highland Park Village. They carry lots of great brands that are not sold everywhere(Hudson/Hanni Y/ great french handbags and the best belts!). Give them a call at 214-750-0261 or just go try the boots!
  5. So....I've been eyeing these boots for almost a year....have never seen them IRL.....they look great, but expensive!
    Would love input from anyone who has seen 'em, or wears 'em.....

  6. Hi - I tried on GG boots at Barneys last Oct. For me the fit was weird, I did not find them comfortable at all. I would say you definitely have to try them on -

    Also, I have skinny calves and wear mostly bootcut jeans - the taller boot was not going to work with my denim (the shaft was way too wide). The shorter style GG boot just didn't feel right for the cash.

    I bought a paid of Fiorentini + Baker boots instead while there and they are great; and comfortable too.
  7. Loganz
    thanks for the feedback.....wide shaft....good for me cuz I've got some calves! Luv F&B....though they are similar to my other boots (Collection Privee and Beguelin)
    you're right, gotta try 'em on....just need to find a place that sells 'em locally!
  8. Thanks so much! I'm definitely headed to Calypso!
  9. Hi dcblam! I bought a pair of the star zip short boots last spring. Just love them! For the fall I just got the Kate Motorcycle boot and the Charlye in brown. I just adore them all! I have gotten soooo many compliments on the Kate & the Charlye. I ordered them in a 39 and I wear and 8 1/2us. I think they run true to size, but they are handmade so they can vary....My Star zip boots were wide & big so I soaked them in water and shrunk them, it worked great!! Good Luck!
  10. I've just stumbled upon these as well, any more input? I'm looking around for *just* the right boot, and have been sweatin' over F+B's eternity boot for a bit. Some of the Golden Goose boots look great too though. decisions, decisions, decisions......
  11. I ordered 2pairs from Barneys which should be arriving today. I will give you my opinion when I get them.
  12. I just got my Golden Goose boots this morning. I received the star zip in brown and the golden knee high in amber. I just loveeeeeeee them!! I was going to try both on and return one, as they are very expensive, but I love them both so much I am going to keep both. I will sell some of my other boots on e bay to keep both of these. I wear a size 7 1/2 and ordered size 38. They fit perfect. So, I would definately recommend these boots!
  13. I've just received my Golden Goose boots (Kate, black, destroyed) and they are fabulous. They look really handmade and are amazing quality. I would really recommend getting a pair. They are lined with leather and have a leather sole, which explains the price but I really feel they are worth it. I also have quite muscular calves and the Kate has a strap at the side to tighten the boots if they are too wide. Size wise, I am a European 39.5/40, I bought the 40 and they fit perfectly. Happy shopping! X
  14. I have only just come across these fab boots and am now looking to buy a pair - only prob is I am a uk size 4 - 5 or europeon 37/38 and am unsure which size to choose. Do these boots come up true to size or because they are hand made do they vary. I would like to try before I buy but cannot seem to find any stockists that give you the option most seem to say no returns. I would like to get the Golden gooses golden zip in dark brow - any suggestions? Thank you :smile:
  15. I am a size 7 1/2 U.S. size and I bought the size 38. They fit perfectly. If you are between sizes, go a size up. I was told that they are running alittle small this year, maybe because they are more pointy at the toe. Good Luck! They are beautiful boots, and I love mine!