Golden Goose Sneakers

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  1. Mytheresa has additional 20% off sale and theres a pair of GGs that I somehow found?!? They dont appear anywhere on the website anymore, I had them in my cart which is the only reason I could find the page again. They are sparkly pale pink and have several sizes left, and free shipping no minimum ends tonight! Paid $288 for them :smile: used my ****** cashback so they were basically free.
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  2. Thanks. I’m not interested in them.
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  3. Anyone have these? I keep going back and forth and am wondering how they look in real life. IMG_0975.JPG
  4. Hi there,

    Just quietly prowling and enjoying this thread- which btw is feeding a new obsession- thank you!
    (Not so) Quick questions:
    1) Just bought my first Superstars (below) and am stressing if I got the correct size in spite of the plethora of info here. Some say SS run smaller and some say bigger. I am a true 6.5 (but had to size up in my running shoes when they made the toe box narrower) and bought a 37. My Ash (Italian sneakers) are all 37. The insole measurement sounds long(!) - was I right to get size 37 or no?
    2) I saw these and wondered if in general glitter SS are too flashy or the colour below too bright. I’d probably change out the green laces to white. They are girls (38 with a 24” insole). I am a plain, not girly-girl dresser so cannot explain my magpie attraction to these but am trying to justify their purchase as livening up my jeans and sweater wardrobe of black, white, grey and navy.

    Sorry for the length and all opinions are welcome! Thanks so much!!


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  5. 37 sounds right. I’ll pass on the second pair though.
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  6. I haven’t seen these irl but they have been on sale at bergdorfs
  7. Many thanks for your input and advice! ❤️
  8. I would totally wear that second pair!
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  9. Thank you for weighing in! Dang, it won't take much to push me over the edge and get them. I think this drab winter is making me long for some pink glitter right now:smile:
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  10. Hey I just saw this on Instagram stories. I know the store is a good consignment store but cannot vouch if the shoes are authentic or not. But wanted to share.

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  11. All three are authentic
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  12. I just ordered these private editions at Matchesfashion. The running sole is now one of my favorite styles that GG makes. Just wanted to share! IMG_7959.JPG IMG_7961.JPG IMG_7960.JPG
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  13. Oh good! I hope someone in the group snags them!
  14. Ahhh omg Im in love with this pair I just got! Soooo worth using my e-bates check (plus $8 out of pocket lol) for them. I tried to capture a photo showing the fat pink glitter but it was hard to capture!