Golden Goose Sneakers

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  1. love these shoes!!! are they from ss19?
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  2. FYI I have gotten tons of compliments on this outfit and wear them with my GG Sneakers. You can get them at
  3. They’re the Nordstrom exclusive version from last season.
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  4. This sweater is so cute. I even got one for my BFF. The stars are made of metallic leather. It’s quotation cashmere sweater from Bloomingdales.
  5. Going to Italy in a few months. Does anyone know if they are cheaper there than France or the US?
  6. I’ve bought shoes coming right from Italy DHL and they’ve always been cheaper.
  7. IMG_9941.JPG

    These are my new favorite sneakers!
    They are Mays - I find the fit TTS. I also have a pair of superstars. Both are 36. I find the superstars run a smidge big. I take a euro 36/US 6 in all shoes & the Mays fit normal while the Superstars are definitely longer, even held up against each other you can see the difference.
    It was noted my Mays run small but I think they run TTS. Also, there is barely a back lift in them if at all compared to the noticeable lift in the superstars. I prefer the Mays. I love them, but got 1/2 off which made it easier to love them.
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  8. thank you
  9. Boo I feel such an idiot ! Too late now! I've already bought them...i wish i discovered this forum before i bought them... they still haven't arrived :sad:
  10. I was contemplating these too. So cute!
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  11. Last night on seattlesarahshops Instastories on Instagram (part of the store Luxury Garage Sale I think) she had 2 GG sneakers on her Instastories. One was size 40 other 41. I know the low tops were $225 for very good condition. I passed since I did not want the yellow backs but wanted you all to know. Again she is a SA for the store.
  12. She posted them on her Instagram page
  13. The ones with the yellow back are a possible replica. I’d need to see the insoles to confirm.