Golden Goose Sneakers

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  1. Mid Star is hard to wear unless you have long legs. They make the legs look choppy IMO. If I were you I’d get a Slide instead of the Mid Star...
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  2. Those are sweet! Where are you pre-ordering from?
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  3. I just ordered these Nordstrom exclusives today... so excited!
  4. Love these. I have the mid stars [​IMG]
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  5. Those are so cute! Perfect for Spring
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  7. Thank you! Finally have a pair w/ a lil leopard print :smile:
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  8. Aaaaw sorry to hear that! :sad:
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  9. Sizing help. If I wear a 40 in superstar, what size slides would I be? 40 or 39?
  10. While shopping yesterday. I got a lot of compliments on them. Some people first thought they were converse though.
    IMG_5027.jpg IMG_5028.jpg
  11. I got the slides in a 40 as I’m a 40 in SUperstar but ended up returning them because my heel kept lifting up. I returned for the mid star in a 40 and love them
  12. Yes! A few people have thought mine were converse also :smile: Love these on you! Such great colors!
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  13. Love those! And your sweatshirt! Where is it from if you don't mind?

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