Golden Goose Sneakers

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  1. Thank you! Yes I love Shopbop...I have ordered from there before! I love that they let you use amazon prime shipping!
    It's hard bc the ones I want are on poshmark! I did email and they said order same size as superstar.
  2. Hello everyone! :wave: Late to the party but I’ve finally decided to join. I’m looking to purchase my first GG and I’m soooo confused on which one to get. Here are the four I’m choosing from:


    I’ll mostly use it while traveling and I’m looking for versatility but still with a bit of pop. All opinions are welcome as it’s my first one! :hugs:

    I’m nervous about sizing too as I’m mostly 35 (BV, Celine) but I have a few (Valentino) where I’m 36. I think I’m going to stick with a 35.
  3. I would do the first pair of ss with the black laces.
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  4. I’d go with the leopard black laces I have them and love them. I’m also a 36 in Valentino but prefer gg in 35
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    Thanks so much for the input! :drinks: That definitely helps narrow it down. I’m most likely going to order either it or the one on top. It’s another design I missed initially but kinda like as well. Just trying to figure out which one will be more versatile for me. Ugh, decision making is NOT in my blood. :P

  6. Which ones did you end up getting? I love the blue, just ordered them yesterday. Now I'm wondering if I'll get more wear out of the black.

  7. Love the first pair with black laces and leopard star.

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  8. I’m super late, but I’ll give my two cents anyway, even though it might be more confusing than helpful lol
    The thing I found with GG after trying on many pairs and many different styles is... they are very inconsistent. Sizing varies with each model and material. In my opinion, for instance, suede ss tend to fit a tiny bit smaller than their leather counterpart, and are more comfortable (they fit me better).
    For the Slides I could size down if I wanted to, but really prefer not to - they don’t exactly run big in the sense they are longer, but they are a bit wider on the toe box. If you have narrow feet you would (probably? High chances?) be able to size down. I guess it also depends on how you like to wear your sneakers - I never wear mine barefooted, so I like a bit of extra space (one more reason for not sizing down).
    So yeah, there goes nothing hahha
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  9. Been wearing these since they arrived two days ago. So happy I went with the blue since it's not as bright as it looked in the photos online.:heart:

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    Update: Like what happens most of the time with me, by the time I’ve decided which one to get, the leopard star one already ran out of my size at NM so I got the first one. I’m happy I stuck with 35 as it’s perfect especially when I loosened the laces. It feels very comfortable! I hope it stays that way. :smile:


    I’m going to be so haunted by not being able to get the leopard star one but I think I’ll get more wear out of this one with the leopard and silver color schemes. And there’s also a chance to still get the other one! I already saw it at other sites. I just need a good promo to motivate me. :P
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  11. ShopBop every once in a while has a spend more get a 20-30 off. I just got 2 pairs of midstars that way. I now have 5 pairs-never thought sneakers could be addicting. Lol
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  13. I’ve got mid star and superstars and am a size 36 in both (TTS). The mid stars are definitely more comfortable and better fitting (but maybe that’s just my shape foot). I’ve worn them both to death since I got them (about 8 months ago) and love how because they are already scuffed you can’t tell.

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