Golden Goose Sneakers

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  1. I'm thinking about getting the Golden Goose high top sneakers but I'm not sure about what size to go for. I usually wear a 38 or 38.5, so I'm debating on getting a 38 or a 39 :S

    Please help! thanks~~:yahoo:
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  2. they're cut long and narrow

    I'm a regular 38, and my GG hi-top francy sneakers are a 38.
    The fit is fine, I just don't like the shape on my foot. Maybe when I wear them in a bit more they'll be OK...
  3. thanks for sharing! i think i might need to go for the 39~they are so hard to find tho :sad:
  4. GG always runs TTS
  5. Does anyone have GG Francy sneakers?

    I'm after a particular color which is sold out in 37 so now i'm wondering if i can wear them in 38.

    Any additional info on the sizing would be huge help.

    Thanks! :smile:
  6. They are TTS and don't feel narrow - more on the slouchy side.
  7. slouchy eh? that's too bad. i thought i was going to get away with a insole in a bigger sneaker. guess that'll not work
  8. Yup I found them tts also
    If you sometimes wear 38.5, might want to get 39
  9. How about how is the fit on the short Golden Goose sneakers? .... heard they run small
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  10. I don't find that they run small, but personally the fit differs slightly between their various models (hi-top, low-top, leather, non-leather, etc.).

    I currently own two hi-tops and both are leather. My usual sizes are US 8 or 8.5, 38.5 - 39.5 (depending on designer). For example, for Lanvin flats, 39.5 fit me best. For Nike running shoes, US 8 fit me best. For Isabel Marant boots (leather) 39 fit me best.

    For GG, I own one pair in 38 and another in 39. They both fit, but I wear thin socks for 38 and can pretty much wear any kind of socks for 39. I've walked a few miles in my 38 and my feet were fine.

    Also, note that they have a 'hidden heel' as part of the insole (both of my hi-tops have this and one low-top I used to own had it as well). Combined with the outer sole, it's close to an inch (or slightly more).

    I know the fit could be different between Mens and Womens (or how they feel on men vs women) but my husband has a pair in canvas, hi-top and they have slouched a bit (normal wear). However, the base/sole is sturdy and strong and after 3+ yrs of owning them they still look really good!
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  11. thanks for the explanation! :smile:

    i ordered suede hi tops and really wondering how they will feel
    i guess i will see in a couple of days
  12. Received my suede GG high tops awhile ago and they feel a bit snug. I sure hope they will stretch out because they're the coolest sneakers out there.
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  13. ^agreed!
    i am a 38.5 and all my francy sneakers are 39.
    just got myself the all black leather with hole-y studs and adore them!!
  14. I just ordered the slide (the glitter reappeared on Barneys) and the Francy in peach suede (James Perse have new stock!) in 39s - I am praying they fit - I am 38.5 in Newburys and 39 with Isabel Marant...Ash 38s are too small so hoping they are the same fit!
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  15. How did the size turn out? I'm also lost for size i'm usually a 39/39.5. My Isabel Marants are all 39.