Golden Globes

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  1. Did anyone see when Heath Ledger won an award...

    made me so sad, he really was the best joker:sad:
  2. Oh, and I LOVE Laura Linney's dress...she looked so pretty
  3. ***SPOILER****
    Tina Fey's speech was sooo funny! "I'd like to address them now. *Insert username here*, you can suck it." LOL!

  4. Yeah, and also when the whole 30Rock show won, and she ran up there and then gave it to Tracy Morgan to speak...

    30 Rock is hilarious
  5. **SPOILER**

    Slumdog Millionaire is winning a lot! YAY!!

  6. Yeah! It won best director! I'm still watching, hoping it wins movie....LOVED that movie!
  7. ^^I did too! It looks like a sweep so far!:tup:
  8. Another spoiler...

    I am freakin' STOKED Mad Men won!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. I never watched the wrestler, but I thought it was cute that mickey rourke gave a shout out to his dogs (literally)...very true, even when you feel down and alone, your dogs are always there for you!!!!!!! :tup:
  10. YAAAAY! Slumdog Millionaire won!!!!!!

  11. I loved that comment too. And it's so very true!

    And Woo Hoo for Slumdog!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  12. Nice...Slum Dog Millionaire took away a chunk...very much deserved!!
  13. I'm watching a sit-down interview with mickey rourke on E! after he won his award..I don't know much about his past movies, etc....but I'm surprised at his character...He seems really humble, genuine, and "real". His dog comment was the cutest.
  14. OMG!!! Did everyone see when Kate Winslet won her 2nd award of the evening for Revolutionary Road!! I almost fell out my seat. I love her and she deserved both statues in my opinion. Love her!!!
  15. I know it's old news, but I really just have to say that I thought she was so real! It was nice to see.