Golden Globes 2006

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  1. is anybody watching? it's 2:30 a.m. here but i just have to see if marcia cross wins, i love her!
    she looks lovely tonight, as do scarlet johansson and eva longoria.
    looking at the dresses is one of my favourite things at award shows :nuts:
  2. i'm watching! so sad wentworth miller didn't win, hopefully prison break will get something though
  3. I think I am calling Cindy Crawford...I have seen soo many fashion emergencies!!!
  4. nicolette sheridan likes to pick a lot of bad dresses but tonight she looks absolutely stunning!

    P.S: marcia got robbed!!
  5. ohhh tell us if it does! i love that show
  6. Reese Witherspoon is so classy and elegant.
  7. wow, crazy that 4 of the desperate housewives were nominated and none of them won.
  8. I could not BELIEVE it! Not ONE of the Housewife's won......
    I do not like Mary Louis Parker....Isn't that her name? She is as dry as toast....IMO....
  9. at least they got best tv series - comedy :smile:
  10. So far the show has been very well done...I like not having a host. Eva Longoria (sp) looks beautiful in her red dress.
  11. wow, i was watching the show last night after 24, and all i can say is when they do a pan of who's in the room, i just can't believe they have the most beautiful people in the entire world, all in one room!!! amazing. it happens two times a year, the golden globes and the oscars...
  12. yes, i thought the same thing fayden. imagine you're there...
    you walk across the room and bump into johnny depp, george clooney, gwyneth paltrow and kiefer sutherland all at once.
  13. *faint*

    i loooooove kiefer sutherland! love all of them! :nuts: :nuts:
  14. Heh, I'd love to bump into Johnny Depp and Kiefer Sutherland at the same time :shame: :nuts:
  15. If I bump into Johnny Depp, no way in Hell am I seeing anyone else!!!

    PS Go Hugh Laurie - I love House!