Golden Bay and Patent wallet pics!

  1. Hooray - I am learning it all again!!! I just love being a Bay bag club member. Let's see if I can get these things to work....
    Gold Bay wallet 003 forum.JPG cropped gold bay.JPG Gold Bay wallet 009.jpg
  2. Wow, I love that bag! What is the color? I have to have one. Looks Great!
  3. Div, you are rockin that bag. It makes me want to cry because I love Bays but they make me look like I'm playing dress-ups or something (sniffle sniffle).

    The colour is fantastic - am I imagining it, or is it kind of glowing of its own accord?
  4. Girls - this is the "Gold" Bay that everybody was against because it had these weird contrasting flaps in brown. But I got it at an unbelievable cheap price - I'm talking $599. Yup. Brand new. (Thanks to Acshih who initially spotted it in LA) And it works quite well! I think anybody can wear a Bay - come on, I_wona! Jump in! The water's fine!
  5. Love the jacket, I adore anything leopard. You're rockin' the whole outfit. I can't believe you got the purse for $599. OMG!
    Love your memento from Italy! It's all good!!!
  6. OMG its looks fabulous and that deal is just unbeleivable!
  7. Goodness, I forgot :upsidedown:to mention that TDF wallet in all my excitement about the bag & jacket. It's a beauty:love: !
  8. You look great and got a great deal on that bag... Love the patent wallet as well... You are a star, Div!
  9. $599!!!! Jeeeezus, they may as well have given it away! Well done Div, seriously!
  10. It is a gorgeus bag. I really love the contrast of the flaps to the gold. Also it does look beautiful together with your leopard jacket. A very good choice of bag:tup: I love the wallet as well.
  11. it looks fabulous. I love love the colour of the bay.:tup:
  12. Div! You look SOOOOOO Glam, I :heart: it! I think you will get LOTS of compliments when you take that bag out, and your wallet is adorable. You Go Girl!
  13. Bingo Nat!! Also Abs gets a :tup: for being such a compliant DD!!

    You're right, you had to buy both the purse and the jacket!! Could NOT leave those babies on the table, such a score!!!!!!

    Nordstroms is unbelievable when they have their sales. Tell the girls how the SA harrassed you when you wanted to return the Gold Bay! AND TG she DID!
  14. Congrats, beautiful bag, love the leopard print sweater/top.......stunning combo. WHAT A DEAL!! You win for the best price--again congrats, you look marvelous!!:tup:
  15. Thanks for the compliments girls! I AM a happy camper! As Susie mentioned, the SA at Nordstroms was a bit challenging to work with. I had two bags to return - complete with paperwork. This gold Bay I had just received the day before and it came without tags on it and in a Dolce & Gabbana dustbag. When I was at the counter the SA kept grumbling about "what am I going to do about this bag? Nobody wants to buy a used bag!" I replied that it was hardly used in that I hadn't even had it one day and that it came without the tags and don't they just send these deals to the nearest NR? (I had proof about all this with the dates on the box!) Then I started to have second thoughts and I said, "Just let me buy it back again this time on my Nordstrom's card" - I wanted to keep my status as a second tier customer. She kept having problems with the register and how to ring it all up and finally she came up with this 'idea' of starting over. That's when the price was adjusted to reflect the NR price it would eventually be?! I didn't even know this happened until I signed the receipt! I had thought of returning it another time with a savvier SA but now I am going to keep it! This gal also confessed that Nordstroms takes back anything anytime. I would never return anything used and abused - I don't care if they WOULD take it back. One thing for sure, though, these policies make me want to shop at Nordstroms as much as possible and maybe that's the way they want it!!!