Gold Wrench Key chain!

  1. Hey i forgot but i know someone was searching for the gold wrench key chain from the MBMJ stores, well they had a whole bowl full at the San Francisco location today!
    i hope this finds the person who was looking for them a while back, i thought they were totally gone but i guess there are some around still!
  2. I saw a bunch at the LA store this past weekend as well. They must be back! On the other hand, there were no Marc by MBMJ totes to be found.
  3. I know! i really want the newer canvas tote, the one that zippers, they had the oversized ones for something like 40 or 48, but they are SOOOO big i could fit inside!!! lol
    i really want the smaller canvas tote!
  4. these keychains are very cute! saw one on eBay and did a double take... haha
  5. I was looking for one for my husband for V-day. I called the special items store in NYC and they had them in stock. I ended up having to order B/C I came down with the flu and couldn't make it into the city. But I GOT IT!:smile: