Gold vs. Palladium Hardware

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  1. Let's talk hardware for a moment because I have a couple of questions that need your expertise.

    Although I know this is quite a personal decision, I am interested to hear your opinions as to which color hardware looks better on a gold birkin? Keep in mind I wear mostly platinum or white gold jewelry, with the occasional piece of yellow gold. Does it matter if the birkin has white contrast stitching?

    Also, do scratches show up less on PH than GH?

    Any input is greatly appreciated on this topic! TIA!!!:flowers:
  2. Great post, jag. I can't wait to hear the answers on this. :heart:
  3. Thanks for posting this, Jag! We wait with eargerness over any comments regarding this.:nuts:
  4. Okay - here's my 2 cents on this.

    I started out thinking I wanted Palladium on Gold Togo. My thoughts were the same as yours, Jag: I wear more platinum and white gold - it would look more modern, etc.

    And then I changed my mind. The more H bags I've seen in person, the more I think the hardware should match the individual bag, not your jewelry. Some are clear choices, but Gold looks good with either. I have to say that now I personally prefer it with gold - after analyzing the look of both, I just think the gold looks particularly elegant against the color and it sort of blends into the overall color of the bag.

    Scratches probably show up the same on either.
  5. Can I still do GH if it has white contrast stitching?
  6. I recently purchased a Bolide 31 in Gold Togo w/GHW - all of my other pieces are Palladium. Personally, I love the combo regardless of the jewelry I am wearing! HTH . . .
  7. ooooh, good question Jag!! I have been wondering the same thing myself!
  8. Yes! That's what I've got on my bolide! :smile: Not sure how well you can see it here, but it's lovely! (If I do say so myself!)

  9. Jag....I don't have a gold birkin and the closest I come is the Caramel (Grey Poupon) Chevre Kelly BUT it has white stitching and gold hardware and I wouldn't change a thing! Maybe because of the CHevre leather, the Gold looks more warm and rich on this bag and the white stitching just give the bag an overall more casual flair. It all blends seemlessly and works together nicely.

    I don't think it matters what jewelery you wear either really. Just so your HAC has Ruthenium and my Rouge H Kelly has Palladium and I usually wear gold although I DO mix my metals quite a bit too.....
  10. Definitely! As a matter of fact, I've never seen a Gold/Gold without white contrast stitching. You could probably special order one, but they generally come with the white.
  11. I only wear white gold or platinum jewelry, but I prefered my birkin to be gold on gold. The gold hardware against gold makes it very rich looking. Mines has the white contrast stitching as well.
  12. I've seen both and I prefer the look of gold on gold. I don't think it matters at all what type of metal jewelry you are wearing.
  13. good question
    well i am miss matching everything. so if i wear gold hardware i wear gold jewellery BUT if i do palladium or gold depends on the colour of the bag some just look better with palladium while other look only good with gold and then there is the category where both look god. this last category gold fall into. personally prefer gold on gold as it adds to its warmth and overall appereance (with the white stitching adding a modern touch) and white + gold is really classic and classy but palladium looks good also givig the bag a very modern appeal so yes you can go with both it is just personal preferrance
  14. The SA here said that Gold Togo Birkin's always have the white stitching, one other color too(I think she said was blue jean)but I can't remember always has the white contrast aswell.
    I think both silver and gold are beautiful, but prefer gold on gold for a LESS casual look. I wear alot of jewellery, I would change my jewellery according to what looks best with the bag, so I would care if I only wore the same peices of jewellery every day. I would then choose the hardware that you feel looks the best as a whole wirth your jewellery. That is not to say that it has to MATCH, that really depends on your peices. The platinum jewell's that you have may look better with the gold hardware infact. I really feel it depends on the particular look of your jewellery too. I would care to think about that.
  15. OK, you probably know how I would vote. I :heart: gold hw and gold w/gold? :love: :heart: