Gold vs. Noisette vs. Cognac

  1. Doing some research for the next Birkin. A neutral 35cm w/PH. Original thought was Gold in Togo. Then I saw the lovely Gigi and Gina's lovely Cognac Chevres and have been spying some Noisette items on eBay.

    Anyone have any insights as to color differences between the three in basic non-exotic leathers like Togo and Chevre? Are they even making Cognac and Noisette in Togo these days? :confused1:
  2. orchids, you couldn't pick more beautiful and wearable shades, in my opinion.

    It's my understanding that the softer the leather, the more dye soaks in and thus, the more vivid the color. And, then, too, even two pieces, of say, togo might have shades of differences as well.

    But, if you compare, again, gold togo to gold clemence ( softer than togo), the clemence is usually a deeper gold color than the togo.....yet, Hermes calls them both gold.

    I'm guessing, then, that something similar would apply to other Hermes shades of color....
  3. o, all the colors will be gorgeous! i spied a noisette in fjord last week - it's such a rich hue!

    gold will be warmer and haven't seen noisette IRL yet! but you'll never go wrong with any of those colors! good luck on the neutral quest!
  4. Thanks for the input isus and Pazt. I think I remember seeing FlossyFigaro's post as to the difference between Gold in Togo and in Clemence. It's so interesting how the colors can vary between the skins. I think Cognac and Noisette are the toughies for me as I don't think I've seen them IRL.
  5. Orchids, I haven't seen Gold in Chevre de Coromandel/Mysore, but I've seen Noisette in Chevre Mysore. It's several shades darker than Gold, and dreamy! I've seen a Noisette Togo Ulysse PM notebook and wasn't blown away, and if you remember I posted pics of a Vision II in Noisette Mysore. I love Noisette in Chevre because it has more depth; in Togo it is too "flat". Cognac is lighter than Noisette and has a slightly reddish tone. It's gorgeous in Chevre and Epsom (although I don't like Epsom)! I haven't seen Cognac in Togo.
  6. Thanks 24--that's really helpful. I was trying to figure out if Noisette was darker or Cognac. I was drooling over shoegal's Cognac in Epsom. The color was so lovely.
  7. YW, Orchids! I saw swatches of Noisette and Cognac and Noisette is definitely darker--I'd say it's as dark as Natural Barenia (see bracelet pic in a nearby thread). Cognac is really pretty in Epsom, I agree! I just like it better in Chevre! ;) Check out the Cognac Chevre Mysore Bearn on eBay... I'm so tempted.
  8. Just checked out that Bearn, and it's stunning! Love that white stitching. So my new question is how many H-wallets is too many? :nuts:
  9. Orchids, We have the same "research agenda"!
  10. I love all of these deep Hermes tans. I'd take any one of them. They are fabulous neutrals that can go day-into-evening.
  11. I was 'just' asking SA about Cognac and Noisette in 'chevre', but there were not swatches available in the book, so this thread is extremely helpful in illuminating some of the differences, Thank you!!
  12. These colors are right up my alley. I have a natural bag but have always wanted a "golden" shade. I had thought about ostrich but .... I am so glad for this thread -- thanks Orchids.
  13. SoCal, Sarah-girl, Sus, glad to know I wasn't the only one! So many beautiful shades in the same color family! So from light to dark (in general) it would seem (based on the above info), we have Gold, Cognac, and Noisette being the darker of the three. If members want to share their pix here that would be fantastic!
  14. Gold Togo please!!!
  15. ^ yup, I love gold togo. Classic Hermes!