Gold Vs Etoupe?

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What colour should GF go for?

  1. Gold (or caramel)

  2. Etoupe

  3. forget it and go for the white

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok, with everyones very kind help, I am narrowing down the choices for my first Birkin - under the Christmas Tree this year if I can get my act together and choose!

    I think Gold or Etoupe shoud do the trick. What are your opinions on gold vs etoupe? And what leather do you suggest?
  2. oh - and I still have my choc/orange SO'd (expected 12 months from now approx.) there will be a chocolate togo 35 in the collection one day!
  3. GOLD! If I remember correctly, you have pretty dark brown hair and fair skin. I think Gold looks best with your coloring and will go with just about everything in your wardrobe! As for leather, Gold is nice and rich in Clemence!
  4. I love gold b/c my first was a gold. It goes with everything.
  5. Both are nice neutrals, just depends on whether you prefer/suit a warmer tone (gold) or a cooler tone (etoupe)? What hardware are you thinking of?
  6. palladium, but I'd be OK with gold on the gold....
  7. Gold would compliment your coloring very well! How are you enjoying your vert anis?
  8. Gold Clemence!
  9. I think gold would look great on you and be very versatile. :yes:
  10. LOVE IT! I'm addicted to chevre's gonna be hard to go back......
  11. Definitely gold in either togo or clemence. I saw gold with palladium (more casual) and gold with gold (a bit dressier). Both look really nice but I love gold with gold hardware. :yes:
  12. I'm still thinking Sydney......

    in the summer.....

    white...... :supacool: . It's so young and fresh.

    And you'll have your chocolate soon enough for that autumnal palette.
  13. ^ I'm still thinking that,too HB!!!!
  14. I like Gold, togo :heart:
  15. Gold would look fabulous with either gold/pal hardware. Etoupe would be fab in pal. Tough choice...
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