Gold vs Beige Mini Flap

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  1. Hello everyone, I saw there are many mini flaps in the coming season and would like to ask which mini flap would you prefer. All my Chanel bags are in black and only have one red boy. According to the Australia forum it mentioned that we will be getting beige and gold mini in August. I'm not sure which one to choose. Please refer to the photos attached and I can't find any beige mini flap photos yet but the recent beige WOC should be the same colour and hardware for the coming mini. Your thoughts is much appreciated! Many thanks
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469063078.659424.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469063133.943068.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469063152.093532.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469063183.760699.jpg
  2. From the photos, I prefer the gold. I have a beige claire jumbo so I do like beige but not with shw.
  3. I haven't seen the beige in mini. however have tried on and spent some time with the champagne mini. it's gorgeous - the color is versatile - the light champagne color is perfectly done. I didn't get it because of 2 reasons: 1) I already have a metallic rectangular mini. 2) the caviar on this is not the regular rigid caviar, it's much softer to the touch (I think you can tell when looking at picture actually), but it doesn't feel like it's horribly flimsy either. I just don't know what kind of caviar it is (washed? soft?). ultimately after a lot of time with it, I decided against it due to combo of softer caviar coupled with metallic. that said, if I didn't have the other metallic rectangular mini, I probably would have taken the plunge anyway - it's very pretty and a very easy to wear color.
  4. The light gold mini is lovely. But seems it would be more dressy. I think a beige mini can go casual or dressy.
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  5. I have to gold rectangular mini. Can dress it up or down and can be use for day and night. Rectangular mini can fit more than woc. The beige woc with ruthenium not singing to me.
  6. Thanks for your response vanana do you think this champagne gold too dressy to dress up? I'm planning to wear it day or night. How's your metallic flap holding up? Is there much wear and tear? I never owned any metallic pieces from Chanel so I have no clue and do you mind telling why the the softer caviar bothers you? Is it matte finish on the caviar when you saw it in person? Sorry for asking you so many questions ! hope you don't mind
  7. Thanks for your comments ladies! I'm actually hoping to get a taupe mini flap and I missed the boat that Chanel released once during 2014. After waiting so long didn't come across any better beige that I love. I'm not really a fan on the beige Claire flap cos I think it's having more yellow tone into it. I prefer grey/pink undertone beige flap if you get what I mean. Never come across a metallic gold. But it seems to be a very good neutral colour. Just afraid it might be a little bit too dressy? What do you think? Planning to wear it day and night. Mostly with pastel colours outfit
  8. gold for sure!
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  9. I prefer the beige
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  10. image.jpeg I would get the beige- more versatile for day and night, and would match just about anything. If the mini ends up being like the current beige woc color, that color is really pretty and completely different than beige clair. I bought the beige woc sight-unseen and when I first saw it, it immediately reminded me of the 14b taupe. Attached is a picture of the new beige woc (16B), 14B taupe, and beige mentioned being worried about the beige being yellow like beige clair, but it is definitely more of a taupe color. Hope this helps
  11. Here is a closeup of the colors if that is more helpful...14b taupe on the left, beige clair on the right, and the new beige woc in front image.jpeg
  12. I like the gold myself.
  13. gold with ghw hands down. I love beige but I am not fond of the rhw hardware. it would have been better if the beige is with shw or ghw.
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  14. Wow. You have such a lovely collection and that taupe flap is wonderful thanks for your lovely comments and comparison photos Hun. How's the current caviar feels compare to the 14b taupe flap? It look more matte by looking at your pictures. Sigh I'm so thorn. Like others said I'm not really a fan of ruthenium hardware on the beige flap to be honest. But the beige is more on a taupe undertone I might consider it because it so versatile. How I wish they can do the exact same colour and hardware just like the 14b taupe flap
  15. Gold