Gold versus Leather Band- Opinion Please

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  1. Help!
    I have decided to purchase a medium size Chopard Happy Sport watch in rose gold with a diamond bezel. I want to wear it everyday as well as with a suit.
    I have two decisions to make. First, I like both the round and the square face. The round seems to make more of a "statement" but maybe the square is "classier."
    Second, I don't know whether to go with an all rose gold band, the two tone rose/stainless steel band, or the leather band. If I go with the leather, I'd get the brown and the black.
    Any opinions?
  2. Can you post pics?
  3. I hope these post. I can't find a picture of the all rose gold band. Here are other options. I've included the square versus the round. And the leather versus the gold. Thanks for your opinion!
  4. I have the happy sport watch like the first pic you posted except not in rose gold, with the navy blue strap. I have had this watch for about 8 years and its still my favorite watch. Its so classy and sophisticated, I also receive a lot of compliments on it. I am personally not a fan of steel bracelets because I simply feel they do not look right on me. So I would always choose leather over steel.
  5. The round face with the leather strap catches my eye! The leather strap makes the watch case stand out more.
  6. Exactly! The round face with the leather strap is the right choice.
  7. Thanks guys! This is my first time posting. I can't believe how much I've been obsessing about this. I like the leather, too, but felt the all-gold band would match everything better. Now I'm definitely leaning towards the leather. I just need to give myself a push as I've never had a leather band.
  8. I like the round face with leather.
  9. I like the square face with either the black band, or all rose gold band.
  10. Leather bands when worn everyday will need to be replaced, no bigger, but something to consider as there is a cost involved. Stainless steel w/gold or all gold may stretch over time, but I have always been a fan of wearing my watch as a bracelet. You can always have links taken out. You may want to get the metal, and buy the leather band separately w/the deployant buckle. You can swap the band out on & then you have the flexibilty to wear both.
    Happy trails with your Happy Diamond!
  11. The round-faced watch with the sumptuous brown leather strap looks like it will never go out of style.

    I'm probably just nuts, but something about a metal strap makes it look like a person's about to go diving for abalone or something. Maybe I have issues.

    If you're going to be wearing it in a professional setting I'd go with the leather; the metal band will come in handy if you never wish to take it off (trips to the beach, rock climbing, extreme picnics etc.). How will you wear it?

    Nicevixen makes a great point as well.
  12. Love the square face with the leather band!