Gold vermeil vs. gold plated

  1. I am looking to invest in a necklace and found similar styles - of course the cheaper is gold plated for $20 and the more expensive is gold vermeil for $100. Would spending the $80 more on gold vermeil make more sense, is there that big of a difference? I really like this piece and would want it to last and not tarnish immediately at least....thank you! :P
  2. I don't know the difference either!
  3. someone correct me if im wrong but isn't gold vermiel just gold but mixed with more silver.......but basically still is gold....but gold plated....well its just plated over steel/nickel??
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    "Gold Plate" (Gold plated Brass or other base metal) and "Gold Vermeil" (Gold plated Sterling Silver) are both made using an electroplating process. A microscopic layer of real Gold is applied over the base metal using electricity to attract one metal to the other.

  5. From my Gold definitions page on my website. Hope this helps.

    Gold Plated: A base metal with a thin layer of gold applied to it. Gold plated pieces generally have a thinner layer than Gold filled items and they wear more quickly. The gold layer will wear away over time revealing the original metal and may leave a “stain” on your hand.
    Gold Vermeil: Sterling Silver with a layer of Gold fused to it.
    Gold Filled: Lower in gold content than 10kt. A Sheet of gold is mechanically applied to the surface. Gold filled pieces must be 1/20 by weight to be classified as gold-filled. More durable than gold plate. Newer pieces are marked with "GF" and the content.
  6. I prefer the look of vermeil, but the layer of gold over the sterling silver is thinner than the layer on gold filled and gold plated is the lowest amount. Gold filled is probably the better alternative that will last longest.

    When vermeil starts to wear you will see sterling silver underneath and it is a good alternative for people who are alergic to base metals.

    Gold plated is definitely the "cheapest" option and the least durable. I'd say gold filled is the most durable.