Gold v Brushed Gold - H Belt Kits?? Opinions Please!

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  1. Hello all,
    I am interested in purchasing a H Belt and because i wear mainly gold have opted for the gold H buckle. I went online and noticed there are 2 finishes, i would go into the H store and compare but unfortunately they are out stock and i do believe i would get more detailed and honest opinions here. If i could get some feedback in terms of durability, wear etc etc it would be much appreciated.
    Also is one able to buy the strap on its own and what colour combos do you recommend if chosing only 2 straps. I am more of a casual dresser and tend to wear alot of whites, blacks, browns & denim....but i do love the orange so this is a must:biggrin:
    Thanks in advance ladies & gents. I cant wait to hear your opinions!
  2. You can absolutely buy straps on their own, but you can't buy buckles on their own. If I could buy just two, given your description, I would buy gold/black and chocolate/orange. I find that I wear my gold constantly - it works with black, white, navy, denim - very versatile. I also have orange - it's fun, although I don't wear it as much. I always feel like I'm dressing for Halloween when I go to put it on with black pants!

    I have a polished gold buckle and really love it. It does scratch - but it really shows up on the strap - that would be my suggestion I guess. I do have children too, and I'm not easy on my things, and my shiny buckle has held up well!

    Good luck!
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    Thanks CocoB,

    I too have children....5 of them:nuts: I know!! Is that your daughter in your Av? she is gorgeous

    Thanks for you opinion and i do like the colour combo you have mentioned, i think it may work for me.
    LOL...yes the orange is a little out there but i have a weakness for it, maybe a little too out there for an all black outfit but i thought with jeans, white t and brown boots might be nice...oh and my Orange Birkin, which i have on special order ;)
    Thanks again CocoB and i will reveal my purchase once i have decided.