Gold trunks and bags shoulderbag?

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  1. Met up with moms from my daughter's school today and one of them was carrying a gold colored trunks and bags shoulder bag. It was rather large and had a long shoulder strap too. I have never seen this model at LV. Does anyone know about this one and what's the name of the model?
  2. the only gold coloured bag with trunks & bags logo I can think of would be the street shopper
  3. It's not the street shopper. I can best describe it as a gold canvas looking material - completely plain but with the T & B logo on the front side and on the back side the name Louis Vuitton is embossed. My initial reaction was that it was a fake. But we talked about her bag and she even said that she was taking it to Lv for repairs.

    Anyone out there knows this bag???:confused1:
  4. I can't think or anything like that the only bags I recall with trunks and bags are original globe shoppers but they are canvas with trunks & bags in colour, the denim cruise raye but obviously that's not it and the street shopper so unless I'm having a complete vuitton blank it's a fake
  5. I was thinking the same...
  6. im leaning towards fake.
  7. At first it sounds like the Globe shopper, but I think I know exactly which one you were talking about and it's fake. I'll see if I can find a pic..
  8. Sounds fake to me, if it's not the globe shopper.
  9. She won't be happy when she takes her fake bag for repair and they deny her service on it!
  10. Reminds me of a bag I saw the other day in the mall (was in the window) they had this and a fake Coach, was a very low end juniors clothing store.
    ag1.jpg bag2.jpg
  11. I don't recall anything like that...I'm leaning towards fake as well. Perhaps she says that she's taking it to LV for repairs just so you would believe that it's actually from LV.
  12. LOL, that's so funny and she knows that I collect LV and have loads. perhaps she thinks mine are fake too??
  13. Possibly, she may think you're just a person who buys LV and doesn't really know much about the bags themselves...
  14. I found the bag on a website offering fake bags. It's the same one in the photo only hers was gold.

  15. riiiight.... so she's taking it in for "repairs" huh? does she think they'll magically turn it into the genuine article? tell her they shoot people who bring fakes into the boutique :p