Gold tone Epi to Silver tone Epi~Noooo >"<

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  1. Since when did Epi Cles change from Gold tone to Silver!?!?!:wtf: :yucky: I was happy to receive the E lux order Azur Speedy 30, Daimer Koala agenda and Epi Cles in New Red, thinking the gold tone red epi will give Azur the pop of color as well as matching the koala when i am on the go......but to my horror i found out the cles is now in SILVER tone!? :crybaby:
    Anyone know where i can find the gold tone New Red Cles? E lux live chat rep said the change was two months ago, but why web display did not reflect the 2 month old change!?
  2. I think all the epi bags as well have changed to the silver tonings. Personally I liked the gold a lot better, especially on the red items. The gold just made them look more classy IMO.:yes:
  3. I agree. Especially with the red. Gold just looks so much better with the red IMO. I think the metals changed a while back you might want to call and check if there are any gold ones left.
  4. The change occured quite a few months ago. I also like the gold tone.
  5. totally agree
  6. I believe they have changed the hardware from gold to silver more than 2 months ago.

    Why don't you try the 1-800 telephone and see whether they can track one down for you? :smile: Good luck in your search.
  7. I like the gold better too...just seems more LV.
  8. sigh, i tried the 1866 the rep said there's no way she can tell in the syst where have gold tones and where have silver tones b/c it's small leather goods so the code is not as detailed as other big ticket item......
    I've also tried NM and S5A few hours ago, no luck either, except....I come home w/Mirror Pochette in GOLD @ S5A:yahoo: !!! I honestly can not believe how i got it b/c i thought the wait list are like mile long! They also have silver papillon, but b/c of my narrow shoulder, the straps won't stay on my shoulder:Push:
  9. i loooove the silver tone. Also, all fakes are gold tone.
  10. i love the silver one more
  11. i am not a gold only person, but i just thought it would be funny to use the silvertone cles when my tiny collection of LV are all in gold tone hardware. sigh~
  12. I feel for you....I really like the gold more....keep checking ebay, they have been some great epi deals.
  13. WOT????

    Why change the gold. It's the traditional LV hardware colour why change that :sad: Are they trying cut down costs????? The golds add a bit of a classy touch.
  14. I prefer new one (silver), lol